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initialism of en






a shortened allomorph of the monoclonal antibody affix -ner-, used before the affixes -xi- and -zu- for ease of pronunciation


initialism of en, a region of the united states of america.

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  • region_code region_text display_level selectable sort_sequence 00 total us 0 t 1 mw midwest (only available for total nonfarm) 1 t 4 ne northeast (only available for total nonfarm) 1 t 2 so south (only available for total nonfarm) 1 t 3 we west (only available for total nonfarm) 1 t 5 bls.gov

  • ene my ne mo catch a zombie by the toe if he bites let him go e ne my ne mo. just never ‘”hold back on a zombie attack”,. if you love them dont decide not to kill him or her they’re already dead, and their in a better place so no matter what dont hold back. you may cry you lost a loved one, but you survied 1 more second. cdc.gov

  • we extracted the irs address information from the sample test file for cases in the u.s. that were not coded by tiger. these could be because they were outside of the tar areas or because they were not coded for other reasons. there were 35,351 such addresses. staff from the geography division standardized these and matched them to an acf extract file of street segment/address range information. there were 1,185 cases with no house number, leaving a potential coding universe of 34,166 cases. of these, 46.1 percent [0.3] were coded, 32.8 percent [0.3] did not match on street name, 15.9 percent [0.2] matched on street name but not on house number, and 5.0 percent [0.1] had a feature identification (fid) error (matched on street name but not on other street descriptors such as road, lane, drive, etc., or on directionals such as n, e, ne, etc.). census.gov

  • (186) raborn, memorandum of 6 may l965. (ts/sensitive). cia files, as above. attached to that memo in the files are a cover letter of 6 may, raborn to rusk and mcnamara; and a note for the files, 11 may, by o/ne director sherman kent. in his letter to the president (with copies to secretaries rusk and mcnamara), raborn used a number of views, verbatim, that o/ne had recently given the dci's office. see author, o/ne memorandum (revised), "comment on mr. mccone's views, dated 28 april l965," 5 may l965. (ts/sensitive). cia files, as above. cia.gov

  • i take this medication for back pain. it relaxes ne but doesn't necessary make the pain go away but it helps me to sleep threw the pain ... recommend it? if you don't mind sleeping all the time or walking around sleepy ... the biggest fear i have is being addicted ... everydayhealth.com

  • after the war he helped secure (1948) burma's independence from britain and was (1948–56) its first premier. he resigned in 1956, returned to power in 1957, but was forced to yield to the army, led by general ne win, in 1958. he was reelected in 1960 but in 1962 was deposed and arrested by ne win. released in 1966, he organized (1969) and led from exile in thailand a movement opposing ne win. u nu continued in exile until 1980, when he returned to burma (now myanmar). in 1988 he announced the formation of a symbolic provisional government. the military retained control, however, and from 1989 to 1992 he was placed under house arrest. factmonster.com

  • while mha-ne has its own housing and employment specialists, real peer specialists work closely with national and state housing investment authorities. the national investment finance authority collaborated with mha-ne on their respite housing program. real peer specialists work with targeted adult services cooperation (tasc), a local behavioral health service provider that collaborates with mha-ne peers to assist clients entering more formal behavioral health treatment. the community endowment fund (cef) is the original funder of the real program. the cef collaborates with and funds many mha-ne programs, as well as advocates for the programs with local and state stakeholders and funders. mha-ne rents offices from nebraska's region v hhs offices and this co-location also facilitates collaboration with federal hhs staff. hhs.gov

  • the motto in the royal arms of spain. it was once ne plus ultra, in allusion to the pillars of hercules, the ne plus ultra of the world; but after the discovery of america, and when charles v. inherited the crown of aragon and castile, with all the vast american possessions, he struck out ne, and assumed the words plus ultra for the national motto, as much as to say spain and the plus ultra country. infoplease.com

  • 1. general view of looking glass aircraft in the project looking glass historic district. view to southeast. - offutt air force base, looking glass airborne command post, looking glass avenue between comstat drive & nightwatch avenue, offutt air force base, bellevue, sarpy county, ne 4 x 5 in.haer ne-9-a-1 | haer ne-9-a-1 loc.gov

  • tratamiento de uretra con agente formador de masa, reconstrucción del suelo pélvico, histerectomía, estimulación del ne...rvio sacro, histerectomía vaginal, inyección de bótox, cirugía robótica, procedimiento de cabestrillo uretral, prolapso uterino, prolapso de órganos pélvicos, enterocele, cistocele, incontinencia urinaria sin otra indicación, vejiga hiperactiva, fístula rectovaginal, incontinencia de esfuerzo, divertículo en la uretra mayoclinic.org

  • people who bought yellowfin tuna steaks from kroger stores in al, ar, ga, il, in, ks, ky, mi, mo, ms, ne, oh, sc, tn, va and wv with sell by dates from aug. 29, 2019 to sept. 14, 2019 should throw them away or return them to the store, the fda advised. medicinenet.com

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  • even though sclc is characterized as a neuroendocrine cancer, previous investigators have documented a ne to nne phenotypic switch.3 in this study, yap1 protein expression was evaluated alongside synaptophysin, a neuroendocrine marker, as well as established repressors of ne differentiation, such as re-1 silencing transcription factor (rest). these analyses supported the idea that yap1 expression occurs predominantly in nne cells but can be found in ne cells, particularly those with low ne marker expression.1 medpagetoday.com

  • the literal translation is “i know not what,” but i use the phrase “je ne sais quoi” to mean “hard to describe.” this paradoxically describes my exam. my task was to interview a young woman experiencing abdominal pain. just like diarrhea or fever, there are limitless possibilities to the cause of abdominal pain. you also […] merckmanuals.com

  • l'national institutes of health (nih, département de la santé et des services sociaux des états-unis) respecte les lois fédérales en vigueur relatives aux droits civiques et ne pratique aucune discrimination basée sur la race, la couleur de peau, l'origine nationale, l'âge, le sexe ou un handicap. nih n'exclut et ne traite aucune personne différemment en raison de sa race, sa couleur de peau, son origine nationale, son âge, son sexe ou son handicap. nih.gov