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abbreviation of November


A novice.

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  • WACO, Texas (Nov. 12, 2018) — In a follow-up to their groundbreaking study, Baylor researchers were able to reconstruct baleen whales’ lifetime stress response to whaling and other manmade and environmental factors spanning nearly 150 years. baylor.edu

  • WACO, Texas (Nov. 4, 2013) - The Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) will welcome John Mather, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics, at 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7, in the Baylor Sciences Building, D109. baylor.edu

  • A Nov. 4 Los Angeles Times story seemed doubtful: “The political center, where swing voters reside and compromise happens, is suddenly a much smaller part of the Washington landscape,” the story stated..” journalism.org

  • Five of the seven busiest weeks for Romney on Twitter occurred in the final weeks examined in this report, October 10-Nov. 27, the same time frame in which the tone of the conversation has turned more negative. journalism.org

  • On Nov. 4, Brett Baier of Fox News interviewed Boehner and asked him about the Republican agenda in the coming two years. “We’re going to do everything we can to stop this [health care] bill from being implemented,” said Boehner.   journalism.org

  • Philip DeFranco, a self-made star on YouTube, once again ended up on the list of most popular YouTube news-related videos last week. The Nov. 2 edition of The Philip DeFranco Show was the fourth most-viewed video, with 626,695 views. journalism.org

  • The No. 2 story, at 12%, was the continuing fallout from the Nov. 2 congressional elections—which produced major Republican gains—with the narrative reinforcing a moment interpreted as a stinging rebuke for the president.  journalism.org

  • The Wall Street Journal on Sept. 9, for example, described an Obama speech in Ohio as “part mea culpa, part policy address but mainly red meat for a Democratic base that party officials fear will sleep through the Nov. 2 vote.” journalism.org

  • The way they were reported, some of the post-mortems on the Republicans’ Nov. 28 YouTube/CNN debate might have been more appropriately delivered by tuxedoed ring announcer Michael (“Let’s Get Ready to Rrrrrumble”) Buffer. journalism.org

  • "I've not seen many of the games because they're not on Sky any more," Giggs said as he announced a 26-man squad for the Nations League decider against Denmark in Cardiff on Nov 16 and the friendly in Albania four days later. telegraph.co.uk

  • "Remember the shameful slogans of last year's Nov. 11 march?," centrist lawmaker Marcin Kierwinski said on Twitter on Saturday. "A year later, their authors are meeting with the president and prime minister instead of a prosecutor." telegraph.co.uk

  • , . "Mark Cuban, citing concerns over automated content, revoked credentials of two ESPN writers who cover the Dallas Mavericks." Nieman Journalism Lab. Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, 9 Nov. 2016. Web. 15 Sep. 2020. niemanlab.org

  • , . "Nigeria’s “fake news” bill could jail people for lying on social media. Critics call it censorship.." Nieman Journalism Lab. Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, 26 Nov. 2019. Web. 15 Sep. 2020. niemanlab.org

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  • A 10-day trip costs from £935, including accommodation, transport, activities and some meals. Excludes flights and e-visa. Departures Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 14 2019. Intrepid (020 3308 9753, intrepidtravel.com). telegraph.co.uk

  • A 10-day trip for solos costs £3,547, including accommodation, transportation, safari guides, park fees, excursions and all meals and drinks. Departures April–Nov 2019. Aardvark Safaris (01980 849160, aardvarksafaris.co.uk).  telegraph.co.uk

  • A 10-night trip costs from £2,549, including flights, accommodation, most meals, transfers and guide. Excludes visas. Departures March 3, Oct 16 and Nov 27 2019. Walks Worldwide (01962 302085, walksworldwide.com).  telegraph.co.uk