nun Definitions


en given name

the languages of the bamun people of western cameroon.


a kind of pigeon with the feathers on its head like the hood of a nun.

the fourteenth letter of many semitic alphabets/abjads (phoenician, aramaic, hebrew, syriac, arabic and others).

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  • 36. the architect of north korea's chuch'e philosophy, hwang chang-yop, has written a number of books, including na nun yoksa ui chilli rul poatta: hwang chang-yop hoegorok [i saw the truth of history: memoirs of hwang chang-yop] (seoul: hanul, 1999). a japanese sushi chef in kim's service, publishing under the pseudonym kenji fujimoto, wrote kin seinichi no ryorinin (tokyo: shinchosha, 2003). these are two of many insider accounts likely never to see the light of day in the united states. cia.gov

  • great for depression, long as you don't.... ...mind being a nun. started this drug in the hospital and brought me out of one of my worsest suicidal depressions. only problem is no sex drive, which at the time it was fine. but would have been hard if i was in an intimate relationship. everydayhealth.com

  • one of the most famous women in history, cleopatra vii was the brilliant and beautiful last pharaoh of egypt. although she is often portrayed as a femme fatale, cleopatra was deeply religious and studied to be a nun. an accomplished mathematician and gifted linguist fluent in nine languages, cleopatra was also skilled politician popular with her people. factmonster.com

  • in one medicare 5 star facility, an attempt was made in the first week to give a new ad patient an anti seizure drug because the patient was "acting out". the surrogate declined. in this facility, ad were separated from the general population. a friend/aide covering the new patient for an afternoon was a nurse and a former nun from ireland. she took her to a snf music recital and was shocked because the rest of the patients were virtually comatose. the surrogate showed up at the facility the next day to find the patient's arms covered with a large hematoma and bruises from wrist to elbow as well as split skin on the forehead. no one had alerted the surrogate to the injury. no staff member would address the injury. the ad patient was pulled out of the facility. hhs.gov

  • 49 when they had made an end of dividing the land for inheritance by their coasts, the children of israel gave an inheritance to joshua the son of nun among them: 50 according to the word of the lord they gave him the city which he asked, even timnath-serah in mount ephraim: and he built the city, and dwelt therein. 51 these are the inheritances which eleazar the priest, and joshua the son of nun, and the heads of the fathers of the tribes of the children of israel, divided for an inheritance by lot in shiloh before the lord, at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. so they made an end of dividing the country. infoplease.com

  • der wiedererstandene eulenspiegel da es nun zeit war, gebot er dem eulenspiegel, dass er ganz-still und züchtig hinter ihm sitzen sollte. [1839] | 1 print | richter, ludwig, 1803-1884.pga - richter (l.)--wiedererstandene eulenspiegel, no. 1 (aa size) [p&p] unprocessed in pr 06 cn 800 (former call number) | lc-dig-pga-14294 (digital file from original print) loc.gov

  • indeed, in her research, secunda has found that many of her 100 study participants reported positive consequences of parental loss. they became more self-reliant, reordered their priorities, and often changed careers. of the 50 who changed careers, 69% said it was a direct result of their parents' death. a nun left her convent, entered graduate school, and embarked on a whole new career. others said they were able -- without guilt -- to leave high-paying careers in law or medicine, for which their parents had paid educational expenses, and work for nonprofits. medicinenet.com

  • sister beth davies, a nun who ran an addiction clinic, art van zee, md, and his wife sue ella kobak, a lawyer, were among the first in the nation to call attention to prescription opioid abuse. twenty years later, they're not satisfied with the way events have played out, the new york times reports. medpagetoday.com