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north yorkshire, a county in england.

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new yorknycnys

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  • with regard to the first criterion, the oes survey does not collect information on job characteristics, but it does publish wage estimates by area and occupation. to be consistent with these wage estimates, an ncs–oes wage estimate for an area, occupation, and characteristic is eligible for publication only if the oes wage estimate for the area and occupation was published. for example, the wage estimate for part-time stock clerks in the nassau–suffolk, ny, metropolitan division is eligible for publication only if the oes wage estimate for stock clerks in the nassau–suffolk, ny, metropolitan division was published. bls.gov

  • author affiliations: lynda a. anderson, phd, centers for disease control and prevention, atlanta, ga, rollins school of public health, emory university, atlanta, ga; cynthia boddie-willis, md, mph, massachusetts department of public health, boston, mass; patricia h. price, do, centers for disease control and prevention, atlanta ga; mary kane, ms, concept systems inc, ithaca, ny. cdc.gov

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  • 7. emphasis added. the memorandum was dated 28 june 1972. it is part of the record of the hearings conducted by the us house of representatives' judiciary committee that was considering the impeachment of president nixon. the memorandum is quoted in fred emery, watergate (new york, ny: random house times books, 1994), p. 193. cia.gov

  • james w. lister, a native of san diego, calif., has been a resident of new york city since march 26, 1979. he is a client of gmhc, member of vocal-ny, board member of vocal-ny action fund, renegade activist, and advocate. jim is grateful to have turned 59 on july 4, 2013, and dedicates his work to all of his friends and loved ones who died too soon. everydayhealth.com

  • led ny islanders to 4 straight stanley cups (1980-83); rookie of year (1976); scoring champion (134 points) and regular season mvp in 1979; playoff mvp (1980); added 5th and 6th cups with pittsburgh in 1991 and '92; entered hockey hall of fame in 1997; head coach of ny rangers in 2002, fired in 2003. factmonster.com

  • jillian kubala is a registered dietitian based in westhampton, ny. jillian holds a master's degree in nutrition from stony brook university school of medicine as well as an undergraduate degree in nutrition science. she runs a private practice based on the east end of long island, ny, where she helps her clients achieve optimal wellness through nutritional and lifestyle changes. healthline.com

  • ny spine medicine (ny spine) has agreed to take corrective actions and pay $100,000 to settle a potential violation of the hipaa privacy rule's right of access standard. ny spine is a private medical practice specializing in neurology and pain management with offices in new york, ny, and miami beach, fl. hhs.gov

  • led ny islanders to 4 straight stanley cups (1980-83); rookie of year (1976); scoring champion (134 points) and regular season mvp in 1979; playoff mvp (1980); added 5th and 6th cups with pittsburgh in 1991 and '92; entered hockey hall of fame in 1997; head coach of ny rangers in 2002, fired in 2003. infoplease.com

  • haer ny,55-gro,1- (sheet 1 of 3) - avery-bartholomew patent railroad iron bridge, town park south of route 222, west of owasco inlet (moved from elm street extension spanning fall creek, nubia, ny), groton, tompkins county, ny 24 x 36 in. (d size)haer ny,55-gro,1- (sheet 1 of 3) | haer ny,55-gro,1- (sheet 1 of 3) loc.gov

  • dr. rami manochakian is a thoracic medical oncologist who joined mayo clinic in january 2017. he earned his medical degree from the university of aleppo in syria. he completed internal medicine residency and chief residency at the university at buffalo, ny. he completed hematology/oncology fellowship and was a chief fellow at case western reserve university, cleveland, oh. mayoclinic.org

  • sources: mark olfson, md, mph, professor of clinical psychiatry at the new york state psychiatric institute of columbia university, new york, ny. olfson, m. archives of general psychiatry, august 2009, vol. 66: pp.848-856. eric caine, md, the john romano professor and chair of the department of psychiatry, university of rochester medical center, rochester, ny. mojtabai, r. psychiatric services, august 2009; vol 60. medicinenet.com

  • versión en inglés revisada por: amit m. shelat, do, facp, faan, attending neurologist & assistant professor of clinical neurology, stony brook university school of medicine, stony brook, ny. review provided by verimed healthcare network. also reviewed by david zieve, md, mha, medical director, brenda conaway, editorial director, and the a.d.a.m. editorial team. medlineplus.gov

  • "when further analyzed using the maximum percentage change of fev1, where maximum change = (minimum fev1 abroad - mean pre-travel fev1 /mean fev1 in pre-travel ny), travel to a highly polluted city was associated with a 6.5% reduction in evening fev1 compared with the overall population mean," gordon and colleagues wrote. medpagetoday.com

  • adaptado de sheikh ji, yesavage ja: geriatric depression scale (gds): recent evidence and development of a shorter version. en clinical gerontology: a guide to assessment and intervention, publicado por tl brink. binghamton, ny, haworth press, 1986, pp. 165–173. © by the haworth press, inc. todos los derechos reservados. reproducido con autorización. merckmanuals.com

  • analysis of the levels of caga translocation and phosphorylation were performed as described previously [37]. briefly, ags cells were treated with lactobacillus strains (gmnl-74 or gmnl-185), and then infected with h. pylori at moi of 1:100 for 6 h. the cell lysates were prepared and subjected to 6.5% sds-page then transferred onto polyvinylidene difluoride (pvdf) membrane (pall, east hills, ny, usa) for western blot analysis. caga and phospho-caga were probed with mouse anti-caga antibody (santa cruz biotechnology); anti-phosphotyrosine antibody (millipore). the proteins of interest were visualized using enhanced chemiluminescence reagents (ge healthcare, buckinghamshire, uk) and were detected by exposure to x-ray film (kodak, boca raton, fl, usa). nih.gov