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a person from oklahoma.

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  • okie dokie for me! diagnosed 11/4/02. still having some mild symptoms, but have also been under a lot of stress. the rebiject is great. each injection is different, sometimes there is pain, bleeding and red irritation, which lasts for weeks. sometimes none of those. depends on the location. top of thighs worst place, abdomen best. will update in several months. everydayhealth.com

  • many people with dementia do not have a formal diagnosis of the condition, so it is difficult to develop an accurate figure for the number of people with the condition. as a result, prevalence estimates vary widely (lin et al. 2010; taylor, fillenbaum, & ezell 2002; wilson et al. 2011). one recent study estimates that 4.7 million (approximately one out of every eight) americans age 65 and over had alzheimer's disease in 2010, and this number is projected to nearly triple in the next 40 years, to reach 13.8 million in 2050 (hebert et al. 2013). alzheimer's disease prevalence rises sharply with advancing age and is estimated to double for every 5-year age group beyond age 65 (national institutes on aging 2005). as the united states population ages, the number of older people with alzheimer's disease is projected to increase substantially (hebert et al. 2013; okie 2011). hhs.gov

  • an absolute must-see adaptation of john steinbeck's pulitzer prize-winning novel, the grapes of wrath remains one of the greatest films of all time (number 21 on the american film institute's top 100 movies), as well as the vehicle for what is arguably henry fonda's most memorable big-screen performance. fonda plays tom joad, an ex-con who leads his okie family in a grim migration west from the depression-era dust bowl. director john ford and actress jane darwell (ma joad) won oscars, but the film was regrettably passed over in the best picture category (rebecca took the top honor). infoplease.com