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of, from, or pertaining to qatar or the qatari people.


a person from qatar or of qatari descent.

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  • qatar’s oil and natural gas resources are the country’s main economic engine and government revenue source, driving qatar’s high economic growth and per capita income levels, robust state spending on public entitlements, and booming construction spending, particularly as qatar prepares to host the world cup in 2022. although the government has maintained high capital spending levels for ongoing infrastructure projects, low oil and natural gas prices in recent years have led the qatari government to tighten some spending to help stem its budget deficit. cia.gov

  • janet jackson shocked the world in january 2017 when, at age 50, she gave birth to her first child, son eissa al mana, with qatari billionaire and businessman wissam al mana. while the rhythm nation songstress kept mostly mum about her pregnancy to the press, she did tell people, “we thank god for our blessing.” everydayhealth.com

  • in september 1992, tensions arose with saudi arabia when saudi forces allegedly attacked a qatari border post, resulting in two deaths. relations have since improved, and a joint commission has been set up to demarcate the border as agreed between the two governments. most, but not all, of the border issues have been resolved. factmonster.com

  • on aug. 24, the doha government restores its full diplomatic relationship with iran, much to the enjoyment of the latter. qatari-iranian ties have been a driving force in the decision by other gulf states to embargo qatar, and this newest refutation will likely draw out the standoff. turkey, another qatari ally, begins using the new supply lines offered by iran to funnel resources into the economically besieged country. (associated press) infoplease.com

  • no new confirmed cases of the virus have been reported, the geneva-based agency said, other than the two already reported -- a saudi man who died several months ago and a 49-year-old qatari man who is in critical condition in a u.k. hospital. five people under scrutiny in denmark as possible cases turned out to have the flu, officials said. medpagetoday.com