quack Definitions


falsely presented as having medicinal powers.


the sound made by a duck.

a doctor.


to make a noise like a duck.

to make vain and loud pretensions.

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  • a quack cure is essentially “hope in a bottle.” a quack cure is an unproven remedy that at best is ineffective, and at worst is potentially harmful. it is a waste of time and a waste of money. usually, while someone is wasting time and money on quack remedies, they stop the prescribed treatment from their rheumatologist. if you abandon your prescribed treatment for an unproven remedy which is cloaked in deception, you risk making your ra worse. everydayhealth.com

  • swift's satirical masterpiece gulliver's travels appeared in 1726. written in four parts, it describes the travels of lemuel gulliver to lilliput, a land inhabited by tiny people whose diminutive size renders all their pompous activities absurd; to brobdingnag, a land populated by giants who are amused when gulliver tells them about the glories of england; to laputa and its neighbor lagado, peopled by quack philosophers and scientists; and to the land of the houhynhnms, where horses behave with reason and men, called yahoos, behave as beasts. ironically, this ruthless satire of human follies subsequently was turned into an expurgated story for children. in his last years swift was paralyzed and afflicted with a brain disorder, and by 1742 he was declared unsound of mind. he was buried in st. patrick's, dublin, beside stella. factmonster.com

  • i researched our options and ended up under the care of a dr who i warmly call my “lyme quack”. my son’s condition was validated, explained and solutions provided. testing from [redacted]. i read up on all the controversies regarding the quack and labs – but what solutions did i have? hhs.gov

  • a generic name for a quack or charlatan. katerfelto was a celebrated quack or influenza doctor. he was a tall man, who dressed in a long black gown and square cap. in 1782 he exhibited in london his solar microscope, and created immense excitement by showing the infusoria of [muddy] water. the doctor used to aver that he was the greatest philosopher since the time of sir isaac newton. infoplease.com

  • "losing weight and keeping it off almost always involves changes in lifestyle," says patterson, a professor in the department of rehabilitation medicine at the university of washington in seattle. "the person who claims that he can hypnotize you to lose weight, with hypnosis as a treatment in itself, is usually a quack." medicinenet.com

  • francis: that last bit might well be true because 98% of the populace aren't unwell. in the event of chiropractic claptrap, adopt the brace position and the pilot will shout quack, quack, quack. i stayed with my patient until we landed and handed [her] over to the waiting medical team. as far as i know, she was okay. medpagetoday.com