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  • of course, quackbusting makes dr. barrett a target of criticism too. according to a time magazine article about him in 2001, “the man who loves to bust quacks,” “it has also made barrett a lightning rod for herbalists, homeopaths and assorted true believers, who regularly vilify him as dishonest, incompetent, a bully and a nazi.” some of these criticisms were summarized in a 1999 article in the village voice newspaper entitled “dr. who? diagnosing medical fraud may require a second opinion.” everydayhealth.com

  • i have attended numerous talks by infections disease doctors, and dr. christina nelson of the cdc, all of whom spent more than 50 percent of their talk making it very clear to their audiences -- medical students, and primary care providers, that lyme practitioners are quacks, who have gone rogue off the guidelines, and will endanger patients' lives with their treacherous protocols. hhs.gov

  • the flying island inhabited by scientific quacks, and visited by gulliver in his “travels.” these dreamy philosophers were so absorbed in their speculations that they employed attendants called “flappers,” to flap them on the mouth and ears with a blown bladder when their attention was to be called off from “high things” to vulgar mundane matters. (swift.) infoplease.com

  • the web is awash with health information, but how can you duck the quacks? use this checklist to evaluate what you find online: 1. check dates. search for the most recent information you can find. 2. check the source. look for articles that refer to published medical research and have been reviewed by qualified professionals. 3. double-check what you find. visit several sites and compare information. mayoclinic.org

  • "when the prevalence of any disease is really high, everything that quacks like a duck is a duck, and in march and april, everything that sort of looked like covid was covid. this is where history-taking becomes very important. you have to know if a kid is vaping and what they're vaping," garfield explained. medicinenet.com

  • but in the last couple of hundred years, medicine finally started discovering and inventing treatments that worked. in the 20th century alone, we have seen incredible advances in the prevention and treatment of diseases like vaccinations, antibiotics, immunotherapy, primary angioplasty, transplants, anesthesia, life-changing, and life-saving things, so why are the quacks and the goopists still enjoying a roaring success? in fact, why are we seeing a rise in the adoption of alternative medicine? why is the wellness industry valued at $200 billion? because modern medicine is failing people. medpagetoday.com