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four of a kind

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quadriceps femorisquadriceps

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  • without a physical therapist, for example, you might not realize that exercising your legs with weights, like with the machines you find in a gym, are not good for knee osteoarthritis. “it’s fine to do straight leg raises in a chair, which strengthen the quads above the knees. but it can injure the joint to push the leg against resistance,” she says. everydayhealth.com

  • the question about apartments and privacy was asked in terms of whether the bedroom portion of the apartment was shared or private, since some facilities offer arrangements similar to "quads" in dormitories with private bedrooms and shared living rooms. greater detail on the exact nature of residents' accommodations will be provided in a subsequent report based on in-person interviews with administrators, staff and residents in a sample of facilities. hhs.gov

  • female athletes also tend to develop strong quadriceps muscles and relatively weak hamstrings -- a dangerous imbalance of power, hewett says. the quads tighten the acl, while the hamstring muscles relax it. men generally flex their hamstrings whenever they strain a knee, protecting the acl. women, on the other hand, have a tendency to contract their quads. medicinenet.com

  • the statement that academic institutions (and private practices) are only 'doing it for the money' is concerning. do the authors have proof of this? do the authors know whether we are or are not proceeding down an appropriate path of work-up and utilization of therapies such as clomiphene/iui prior to moving to other therapies. (there are certainly concerns about coh/iui which produces the largest percentages of quads, etc.) medpagetoday.com