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  • even the well-disciplined intelligence brotherhood similarly quails before the difficult but not impossible estimate and all too often resorts to an expression of avoidance drawn from a more elegant lexicon. what we consciously or subconsciously seek is an expression which conveys a definite meaning but at the same time either absolves us completely of the responsibility or makes the estimate at enough removes from ourselves as not to implicate us. the "serious [or distinct] possibility" clan of expressions is a case in point. cia.gov

  • and we divided the israelites into twelve tribes, as nations; and we revealed unto moses when the people asked drink of him—"strike the rock with thy staff:" and there gushed forth from it twelve fountains—the men all knew their drinking places. and we caused clouds to overshadow them, and sent down upon them the manna and the quails. . . . "eat of the good things with which we have supplied you." but it was not us whom they injured, but they injured their own selves: infoplease.com

  • the study authors tested samples taken from 20 chickens, four quails, five pigeons and 57 ducks at six poultry markets where the patients were likely to have been. two of the five pigeons and four of the 20 chickens tested positive for h7n9, but the virus was not found in any of the ducks or quails tested. medicinenet.com