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pleasingly unusual; especially, having old-fashioned charm.


the vulva.

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  • while wearable technology is all the rage, we’re beginning to see the first weeding of an overrun market. google glass is all but dead (gone from an elitist club to the bargain basement of ebay.) and those fitbits, jawbones, and other step-counters will seem positively quaint by the end of this year. everydayhealth.com

  • the composer mozart, salzburg's most distinguished son, met scant recognition in the city during his stay there, but he is now honored by an annual summer music festival (see salzburg festival), which constitutes an important source of tourist revenue for salzburg. part of the house where mozart was born is now a museum, and there is a commemorative statue on the quaint little square, the mozart platz. since 1920 the morality play everyman, written by hugo von hofmannsthal, has been performed annually in the cathedral square (now during the salzburg festival). factmonster.com

  • the problem for us in pediatrics is our concern of the total integration of information and aggregation of information. our children that we take care of have never lived without the internet. as someone said in the last couple of days on the web, children can think of the wonderfulness of the internet the same way they think of a flush toilet –- it is just there. and they can get to anything you would like on the web and they do. and it has just gotten very easy. right now over half of employees scan social networking sites to get possible employees, which includes my adolescents. and a lot of folks and certainly my patients think that the whole idea of confidentiality is sort of quaint. hhs.gov

  • queer, quaint, old-fashioned. this word was first applied to roman catholic priests, and subsequently to other clergymen. thus swift speaks of “a rabble of tenants and rusty dull rums” (country parsons). as these “rusty dull rums” were old-fashioned and quaint, a “rum fellow” came to signify one as odd as a “rusty dull rum.” infoplease.com

  • styles in serbia. in looking over the styles in southern serbia 'spots' are the thing that most strike the eye of the traveller. the cotton print industry of the quaint old turkish town of ferizovich caters to the feminine love for dizzy color effects and costumes like these are frequently seen. they are not made after a yama-yama design but the baggy trousers date ... 22 july 1920 [date received] | 1 negativelc-a6197- rc-3035 [p&p] | lc-dig-anrc-11797 (digital file from original) loc.gov

  • using wood or charcoal to heat your home may be a quaint way to stay warm, but it also adds harmful substances to the air you breathe. worldwide nearly half of all people use simple stoves or open fires to keep warm. and that has led to some extremely unfortunate consequences. medicinenet.com

  • we live in an era of demonization. political adversaries are not opponents; they are villains. commentary that contrasts with our views is labeled "fake news." presumption of innocence? rip. civil discourse has become a quaint memory. why would one debate respectfully when today's tactic is to talk over and demean your adversary? medpagetoday.com

  • that’s why i joined our urban health scholars program, which creates a space for students from all backgrounds to discuss how health is uniquely practiced within an urban context. every 10 weeks, we leave our quaint college town for a city–boston, new york, new orleans–to experience how healthcare is practiced in an urban context. between trips, we host movie nights, panel discussions, and journal clubs to remind us about the intersection between health and healthcare within an city. merckmanuals.com