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  • i might see a “swarm” of earthquakes, a series of 10 to 100 quakes, and find out whether nearby volcanoes erupted after such a swarm in the past. we have catalogs of these swarms, so we can compare patterns in different locations to make predictions. for example, did the swarm come 1 or 2 weeks before an eruption? and if the swarm is of a specific magnitude, what’s the chance that a volcano might erupt afterward? bls.gov

  • i for one, have a plan in place in case of any emergency. ‘zombies’, quakes, floods, fire, invasions, outbreaks. i’d rather be prepared and know my family is as ready as we can be for anything. besides, even though the movies are fake, there are still lessons to be learned from them. cdc.gov

  • charles richter developed his scale in 1935 to measure the amount of seismic energy released, the magnitude, of an earthquake. seismologists found the richter scale fine for lower magnitude quakes, but inaccurate for higher magnitude ones. the 1906 earthquake was assigned a richter rating of 8.3, but on the newer moment magnitude scale it has been demoted to one measuring 7.8 or 7.9. factmonster.com

  • due to their frequency and scope, infoplease has compiled some annual information about earthquakes worldwide. the earthquakes listed are only ones that were easily detectable to people in the affected area; quakes happen with great regularity but usually lack intensity. compare the two sets of yearly statistics to see the difference between major earthquakes and deadly earthquakes. infoplease.com