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being of good worth, well made, fit for purpose.


a newspaper with relatively serious, high-quality content.

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  • the final session focused on data quality. improving data quality is the main goal of the ce redesign, and as part of the effort to measure data quality, ce has been developing a data quality profile and measures of respondent burden to enable the survey to monitor data quality over time. bls.gov

  • findings: the amount and quality of sleep you get afects how well you function throughout the day, your mood, and your overall quality of life. poor sleep quality, due to insomnia, sleep apnea, or other health conditions, can weaken your wellness and resilience, increase symptoms of anxiety and depression, and contribute to long-term physical and mental health problems. cdc.gov

  • the second approach is the tax return method, which estimates each of the components of population change -- births, deaths, international migration and internal migration. to measure internal "migration", the census bureau geographically codes the current year individual income tax returns and matches them to the prior years' geographically-coded file. a comparison of the geographic codes on the returns matched between the two years determines the in-migrants, out-migrants and non-migrants. the quality and consistency of the geographic coding has a direct affect on the quality of the "migration" data, and hence, on the quality of the population estimates. note that the irs data measures the movement of tax filers and their exemptions, and is not migration data, per se. it is an indicator of the movement of people between geographic areas. census.gov

  • welch insisted that quality be a top priority in the di. at another of his senior-level meetings, he chanted, "quality is the next act of productivity. out of quality, you eliminate reworking." to do this, he introduced the "di six sigma program." during a di-wide audio/video conference, welch said, "we want to change the competitive landscape by being not just better than our competitors but by taking quality to a whole new level. we want to make our quality so special, so valuable to our costumers, so important to their success, that our products become their only real value choice." cia.gov

  • clinicians are our colleagues, and the quality of their experience is always top of mind. our dedicated pharmacists, physicians, and associates sift through immense amounts of research and data, condensing it with absolute accuracy, so providers can trust they will prescribe safely and efficiently in the moment of care. meet the people behind our in-depth clinical content. epocrates.com

  • pollution and air quality can trigger and worsen asthma- and allergy-related symptoms, so the intention of air quality awareness week is to help teach people about air quality safety, so they know when it’s best to spend prolonged time outdoors or to take extra precautions, according to the epa. air quality awareness week also aims to discuss ways to improve air quality and pollution in the united states and beyond. everydayhealth.com

  • the system was also applied in japan, where managers developed a number of other innovative systems to lower costs and improve the quality of products. one japanese innovation, known as quality circles, allowed workers to offer management suggestions on how to make production more efficient and to solve problems. workers were also given the right to stop the assembly line if something went wrong, a sharp departure from u.s. factories. by carefully controlling the manufacturing process, japanese managers were able to cut waste, improve productivity, and reduce inventory, thus significantly reducing costs and improving quality. by the early 1980s, japanese companies, which had once been criticized for producing for producing low-quality goods, had established a reputation for efficiently producing high-quality, high-tech products. in the 1980s and early 90s many u.s. companies looked to increase their competitiveness by adapting japanese methods for improving manufacturing quality. factmonster.com

  • it is well-rated and includes features such as great video/audio quality, zoom, pan, tilt, wide-angle lens, night vision, two-way talking, and a temperature gauge that makes keeping your little one safe and comfortable a breeze. you can also add multiple cameras for other places in your house or other little ones. healthline.com

  • dr. fitzmaurice: may i just offer an idea. i think quality is really important and quality gets into guidelines, quality measures often come from guidelines. so, you could say workgroup on quality and data and guidelines and then you start adding things on. i think there’s probably nothing more than just quality and i would just favor workgroup on quality or subcommittee on quality and let everything else be supporting that main focus. hhs.gov

  • one of the earliest court cases involving the improper use of a trademark occurred in england in 1618. the manufacturer of high-quality cloth sued a competitor who produced lower-quality cloth, but used the marking reserved for top-quality cloth. the case, southern v. how, is considered the first case of actual trademark infringement. infoplease.com

  • the materials presented here have been received by the library of congress directly from veterans and civilians who have served in support of them, volunteers, oral historians and folklorists in the field. the selections we made are of the best quality available for online presentation, given the condition of the originals. your viewing and listening experience may vary, depending on the quality of the original donated source materials, your computer and viewing software, and internet traffic. loc.gov

  • mayo clinic quality academy mayo clinic quality academy products and services are founded on a rich and passionate history of education. for more than a century, we have built, fostered and expanded our culture of quality. we are dedicated to helping others build a workforce of problem solvers and quality advocates. mayoclinic.org

  • "the marriage link to health outcomes really depends on the quality of the marriage. a good quality of marriage provides support, care and assistance, which are good for health. a bad quality of marriage increases exposure to conflict and stress, which would hurt health. one of my recent studies actually showed that negative marital quality is associated with more types of cardiovascular risk than is positive marital quality," liu said. medicinenet.com

  • all laboratories that perform health-related testing, including genetic testing, are subject to federal regulatory standards called the clinical laboratory improvement amendments (clia) or even stricter state requirements. clia standards cover how tests are performed, the qualifications of laboratory personnel, and quality control and testing procedures for each laboratory. by controlling the quality of laboratory practices, clia standards are designed to ensure the analytical validity of genetic tests. medlineplus.gov

  • as to how things will actually play out in practice, lefevre said: "don't underestimate the impact of quality measurement and reporting on care, particularly when physician payment is linked to those quality measures. ncqa [the national committee for quality assurance] specifically has maintained a 140/90 stance, and current medicare quality measures echo that goal." medpagetoday.com

  • quality of life is often defined as a standard of health, comfort, and happiness and, as such, is highly personal. what one person views as quality life could vary widely with another person's. however, for many people, quality of life often revolves around health and health care options. for that reason, people and their doctors should consider the impact on quality of life when making decisions about medical issues. merckmanuals.com