qualm Definitions


a calamity or disaster.


to have a sickly feeling.

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  • qualm: 1. sickness, disease, pestilence, or death. as in "a thousand slain and not of qualm ystorve [not dead of sickness]" (chaucer in the canterbury tales) 2. a sudden sick feeling. as in "a qualm came over me, a horrid nausea and the most deadly shuddering." (robert louis stevenson in "dr. jekyll and mr. hyde") 3. today, a sudden attack of emotion or principle, particularly in not following one's conscience or better judgment. medicinenet.com

  • at 1,400-bed greenville health system in greenville, s.c., workers at their two hospitals must demonstrate "a sincerely held religious belief or practice." they submit a petition for an exemption, and get that approved by human resources officials who engage in a discussion with the employee "over what their religious qualm to getting the vaccine is," said the system's infectious disease expert, j. william kelly, md. they can't just check a box that they don't believe in the vaccine, he said. medpagetoday.com