quarrel Definitions


an earnest desire or longing.

a four-sided cutting tool or chisel with a diamond-shaped end.


to argue or squabble with.

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  • (43) powers, the man who kept the secrets, p. 188. a sidelight to the o/b quarrel: in june 1967 carver had told helms that the white house situation room had recently been "somewhat shaken up looking around for a staffer named funaro." carver, memorandum for the director, "komer correspondence," 27 june 1967, (s). cia files, job no. 80r01720r, o/d/nfac, box 5, "gac files (sava-nio)," folder 7. cia.gov

  • “there’s a three-way quarrel between stress, exercise, and sleep,” says niket sonpal, md, adjunct assistant professor of clinical medicine at touro college of osteopathic medicine in new york city. “while stress keeps you feeling anxious and awake, exercise reduces stress and in turn, helps you sleep, and when you sleep better, you can handle stress better.” everydayhealth.com

  • de leon's prestige subsequently lessened. he helped to found the industrial workers of the world in 1905, but in the quarrel over political action he and his followers were expelled. the rival workers' international industrial union, which he then organized, did not flourish. he wrote a great deal of socialist polemical literature and translated a work of karl marx. factmonster.com

  • dr. fitzmaurice: i don’t have any quarrel whatsoever with the subjects to develop. i think you’ve done a good job in laying these things out. i would add to it maybe a cross-cutting deal, and that is in the coming year we’re going to be moving to a new administration, new president, possibly a new head of hhs. and so we’re part of a committee that advises the hhs secretary on health information policy. and we may need to think in terms f a product that briefs the secretary on what ncvhs does. that’s why this page is so good. what ncvhs does, what we consider the hot issues and one things on the subject to develop. i would leave a space for what does the oncoming secretary want us to do. hhs.gov

  • one of the attributes in linnaeus's description of the cat. to a similar cause the caterwauling of more than one species of this genus is to be referred;-except, indeed, that the poor quadruped is compelled to quarrel with its own pleasures, whilst the biped is supposed only to quarrel with those of others.-shelley infoplease.com

  • "i never see anything as hopeless -- not when i'm delivering a baby that's in distress, not when i'm stanching the blood flow from a woman who is hemorrhaging, and not when i'm treating a dozen other ills that have been diagnosed as untreatable," he wrote. "so why would i see the quarrel between two people as hopeless?" medpagetoday.com