quarry Definitions


a site for mining stone, limestone, or slate.

an object of search or pursuit.

a diamond-shaped tile or pane, often of glass or stone.


to extract or slowly obtain by long, tedious searching.

to secure prey; to prey, as a vulture or harpy.

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targetpreymarkunearthdig updigminedelf

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  • the manufacturing sector diversified in the 1980s and 1990s, but manufacturing has grown little in the last decade. sugar and soft drink concentrate are the largest foreign exchange earners, although a drought in 2015-16 decreased sugar production and exports. overgrazing, soil depletion, drought, and floods are persistent problems. mining has declined in importance in recent years. coal, gold, diamond, and quarry stone mines are small scale, and the only iron ore mine closed in 2014. with an estimated 28% unemployment rate, eswatini's need to increase the number and size of small and medium enterprises and to attract foreign direct investment is acute. cia.gov

  • “it has been known for decades in the boxing community that recurrent blows to the head can result in permanent brain damage,” explained charles bernick, md, associate medical director at the lou ruvo center for brain health and principal investigator on the cleveland clinic study. “many notable fighters” — including sugar ray leonard, freddie roach, and jerry quarry — “have developed striking neurological conditions at relatively young ages.” everydayhealth.com

  • snakes have two methods for killing large prey. venomous snakes bite their quarry, injecting venom that affects the quarry’s nervous or circulatory systems. constricting snakes grab their prey and suffocate it by throwing coils of their body around it. they strike with great speed but may take several hours to eat a large animal. factmonster.com

  • prey. this is a term in falconry. when a hawk struck the object of pursuit and clung to it, she was said to “bind;” but when she flew off with it, she was said to “carry.” the “carry” or “quarry,” therefore, means the prey carried off by the hawk. it is an error to derive this word from the latin quaero (to seek). infoplease.com

  • interior view, north quarry, looking west. in the foreground on the first bench, powder hills are primed for dolomite extraction. on the second bench, the drill team is laying out the next shots. - wade sand & gravel company, north quarry, state highway 78, thomas, jefferson county, al 1993 | 5 x 7 in.haer ala,37-thos,8a--3 | haer ala,37-thos,8a--3 loc.gov

  • while a prisoner on robben island, mandela was forced to undergo hard labor in a lime quarry. there was no running water in the prison cells, and prisoners were segregated by race, with black prisoners receiving the fewest rations. mandela wrote in his autobiography, long walk to freedom, "the authorities liked to say that we received a balanced diet; it was indeed balanced -- between the unpalatable and the inedible." medicinenet.com

  • workers at greatest risk are those who move or blast rock and sand (miners, quarry workers, stonecutters) or who use silica-containing rock or sand abrasives (sand blasters; glass makers; foundry, gemstone, and ceramic workers; potters). recently, silicosis has been identified in workers who fabricate or install countertops manufactured from engineered silicates (silica conglomerate). coal miners are at risk of mixed silicosis and coal workers’ pneumoconiosis. merckmanuals.com