quartan Definitions


recurring every four days; especially in designating a form of malaria with such symptoms.


a fever whose symptoms recur every four days.

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  • plasmodium: the genus of the class of sporazoa that includes the parasite that causes malaria. plasmodium is a type of protozoa, a single-celled organism that is able to divide only within a host cell. the main types of plasmodium are p. falciparum, the species that causes falciparum malaria, the most dangerous type of malaria; p. malariae, the species that causes quartan malaria; p. ovale, a species found primarily in east and central africa that causes ovale malaria; and p. vivax, the species that causes vivax malaria, which tends to be milder than falciparum malaria. medicinenet.com

  • history of present illness should cover duration and pattern (eg, intermittent, constant) of fever. fever patterns usually have little or no significance in the diagnosis of fuo, although a fever that occurs every other day (tertian) or every 3rd day (quartan) may suggest malaria in patients with risk factors. focal pain often indicates the location (although not the cause) of the underlying disorder. clinicians should ask generally, then specifically, about discomfort in each body part. merckmanuals.com