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a book size, corresponding to the paper size.

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  • except only as to churches, libraries, and private schools, the statistics of which have been delayed in compilation, the tables embraced in this publication touch all the general classes of statistics which will be embracedi n the much more extended publication of the series of quarto volumes authorized by act of the present congress. these quarto volumes will, however, contain a vast amount of more local, more detailed, or more technical information of a predominantly statistical character, for which room could not be found in the present publication. census.gov

  • early in the history of bookmaking the printed book was distinguished in size by the number of times the original large sheet of paper on which the type was printed had been folded, i.e., folio, quarto, octavo, and duodecimo. with the advent of machine-made paper, these sizes were standardized. the standard octavo, according to the american library association, is between 20 cm and 25 cm in height. factmonster.com

  • for every pamphlet and paper being larger than one whole sheet, and not exceeding six sheets in octavo, or in a lesser page, or not exceeding twelve sheets in quarto, or twenty sheets in folio, which shall be so printed, a duty after the rate of one shilling for every sheet of any kind of paper which shall be contained in one printed copy thereof. infoplease.com