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an extragalactic object, starlike in appearance, that is among the most luminous and (putatively) the most distant objects in the universe.

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blue stellar objectbsoquasi-stellar sourceqssquasi-stellar radio-sourceqsrquasi-stellar objectqsoq

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  • if then one takes the quasar trial as the foundation and then adds to that the mosaic data and the [nsabp] c-07 data, both of those trials let in both stage iii and stage ii patients, and both of those trials are positive when the groups are analyzed together. there is at least some subset analysis within the mosaic trial suggesting an additional 3-1/2 percent improvement if one adds oxaliplatin to the 5-fu. everydayhealth.com

  • this is an artist's concept of a quasar, or growing black hole, at the center of a distant galaxy. the quasar is the orange object at the center of the large, irregular-shaped galaxy. it consists of a doughnut-shaped cloud of gas and dust that feeds a central super massive black hole. as the black hole feeds, the gas and dust heat up and spray out x-rays, illustrated by the white rays. factmonster.com

  • the teams used data collected with powerful telescopes to observe the light emissions of quasars, the most distant known objects in the universe. quasars, which are amazingly bright, can essentially offer snapshots of the universe from hundreds of millions of years ago. the sloan team observed fog around a quasar that they believe began shining just as the dark ages were drawing to a close. the quasar studied by the djorgovski team was slightly closer and glowed more brilliantly; it had probably sent forth its light after the fog began to dissipate, some 100 million years later. infoplease.com

  • david kerr, md, professor of cancer medicine at the university of oxford in england: we are considering delaying initiation of our adjuvant colorectal cancer treatments, as we have data from our own quasar trials suggesting that patients who commence chemotherapy between 2 and 6 weeks do equally as well as those who begin 6-12 weeks after surgery. medicinenet.com