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resembling or having a likeness to something

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  • executive. the executive branch enforces laws. this branch includes the president; the 15 executive departments, including the departments of defense, labor, and state; and related agencies within the departments. it also includes independent agencies, such as the environmental protection agency; boards and committees, such as the national park foundation; and quasi-official agencies, such as the smithsonian institution. bls.gov

  • best available research evidence is information that enables researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to determine whether or not a prevention program, practice or policy is actually achieving its intended outcomes. best available research evidence can also help to determine whether or not a prevention strategy is harmful. the more rigorous a study (e.g. true/quasi-experimental design, independent replication), the more compelling the research evidence is indicating whether or not a program, practice or policy is effectively preventing violence. the extent to which a prevention strategy has been replicated in multiple, applied settings with diverse populations (external/ecological validity), and the availability and accessibility of implementation supports (implementation guidance) are also important aspects of best available research evidence. cdc.gov

  • while in quasi-retirement in 1973, klugmann gave an interview to the bbc “to discuss his love of book collecting”—a most admirable passion—but he told the journalist that he “would hate to be remembered for my book collection.” (234) he wanted to be remembered for his contribution to communism. the shadow man assures that is a goal only partially fulfilled. cia.gov

  • in fact, sociologists have been studying interpersonal spectator dynamics for decades. some suggest that sports fandom enriches individuals’ social psychological lives by uniting them with others who have an allegiance to a particular team and establishing a kind of quasi-community. the resulting “sense of belonging” can be great for men’s emotional health. everydayhealth.com

  • see letters of st. ignatius loyola (tr. 1959) and his quasi-autobiography, the testament of ignatius loyola (tr. 1900); j. p. brodrick, the origin of the jesuits (1940, repr. 1971); t. maynard, saint ignatius and the jesuits (1956); h. rahner, ignatius the theologian (tr. 1968); w. w. meissner, ignatius of loyola: the psychology of a saint (1992). factmonster.com

  • how do we protect confidentiality when there are multiple quasi-identifiers? how much will an adversary know? if there are 10 quasi-identifiers, what assumptions do we make about the knowledge of the adversary? these are assumptions about adversary power. assume, for example, that an adversary will know only 5 of the 10 quasi-identifiers. we can consider all combinations of 5 things and manage the risk for every combination. this becomes a solvable computational problem. hhs.gov

  • it seems to me that the essential principles of reorganization are two in number. first, all administrative activities of the same major purpose should be placed in groups under single-headed responsibility; second, all executive and administrative functions should be separated from boards and commissions and placed under individual responsibility, while quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial and broadly advisory functions should be removed from individual authority and assigned to boards and commissions. indeed, these are the fundamental principles upon which our government was founded, and they are the principles which have been adhered to in the whole development of our business structure, and they are the distillation of the common sense of generations. infoplease.com

  • goona-goona is a quasi-exploitation film masquerading as a documentary, cloaking its melodrama with the trappings of anthropology. however, audiences of the time knew what they were seeing, and why (steven higgins, musuem of modern art). we'll also screen some excerpts from raw footage taken by margaret mead in bali, featuring some of the same performers seen in goona-goona. loc.gov

  • like human immunodeficiency virus (hiv), hepatitis c multiplies very fast and attains very high levels in the body. the genes that make the surface proteins of the virus also mutate (change) quickly, and thousands of genetic variations of the virus ("quasi-species") are produced daily. it is impossible for the body to keep up with making anti-hcv antibodies against all of the quasi-species circulating at one time. it has not been possible yet to develop an effective vaccine because the vaccine must protect against all genotypes. medicinenet.com

  • within the u.s., the way the organ transplantation system is structured is a great example of how things can work under a quasi-governmental organization -- in this case, the united network for organ sharing (unos), an organization burdick, as a past president of unos, is very familiar with. "it's really a wonderful model for how the medical profession can make care decisions in this quasi-governmental, quasi-private structure i propose for the whole country. nothing's perfect ... but it's so much better than what we've got now." medpagetoday.com

  • if we mention the word “plasma,” the first thing a doctor might think of would be the yellowish liquid component of blood that normally suspends the blood cells in suspension. of course, that definition is correct. however, a more common description for plasma should be a quasi-neutral gas of neutral and charged particles that exhibit collective behavioral pattern, which is also the most bountiful phase of matter in the vast expanse of the universe. nih.gov