quaver Definitions


an eighth note, drawn as a crotchet (quarter note) with a tail.


to utter quaveringly.

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  • at nine they stopped work, and sang, as usual, before they went to bed. no one but beth could get much music out of the old piano, but she had a way of softly touching the yellow keys and making a pleasant accompaniment to the simple songs they sang. meg had a voice like a flute, and she and her mother led the little choir. amy chirped like a cricket, and jo wandered through the airs at her own sweet will, always coming out at the wrong place with a croak or a quaver that spoiled the most pensive tune. they had always done this from the time they could lisp... infoplease.com

  • people with social phobia are concerned that their performance or actions will seem inappropriate. often, they worry that their anxiety will be obvious—that they will sweat, blush, vomit, or tremble or that their voice will quaver. they also worry that they will lose their train of thought or that they will not be able to find the words to express themselves. merckmanuals.com