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the language of this people; yuma.


any member of a native american people from arizona.

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  • native american nations and groups abenakiakimel o'odham (pima)alabama-coushattaaleutapachearapahoarikaraarkansas (quapaw)assiniboinblackfootcaddocanarseecatawbacayuga. see iroquois confederacycayusecherokeecheyennechickasawchippewa (ojibwa)choctawcoeur d'alenecolvillecomanchecreecreekcrowdakota (sioux)delawarediné. seenavajoerie"eskimo" groupsfox. see sac and foxgros ventrehaidahidatsahoopahopihuronillinoisiroquois confederacykalispelkansakickapookiowaklamathklallamkootenaikwakiutllumbeemahicanmandanmanhattanmassachusettmenomineemiamimicmacmodocmohavemohawk. see iroquois confederacymoheganmontagnais and naskapimuskogee. see creeknarragansettnatcheznavajonez percéojibwa (chippewa)okanoganomahaoneida. see iroquois confederacyonondaga. see iroquois confederacyosageotoottawapaiutepapago (tohono o'odham)pawneepenobscotpequotpima (akimel o'odham)pomoponcapotawatomipowhatan confederacypuebloquapaw (arkansas)quechan. see yumasac and foxsalishsauk. see sac and foxseminoleseneca. see iroquois confederacyshawneeshoshoneshuswapsioux (dakota)spokanstockbridgetillamooktlingittohono o'odham (papago)tsimshiantuscarora. see iroquois confederacyutewampanoagwichitawinnebagoyakimayamaseeyuma factmonster.com

  • 10. kw'st'an sacred sites at indian pass, imperial county, calif.: for thousands of years, indian pass has been in continuous use by the quechan and other colorado river indian tribes for religious pilgrimages and ceremonies. pottery shards, petroglyphs, and ancient rock sculptures have lain undisturbed in this rocky desert landscape. now a giant multinational mining corporation has plans to dig a 1,600-acre gold mine there that will leave gaping open pits up to 880 ft deep and a cyanide heap-leach pile as high as 300 ft. during the clinton administration, interior secretary bruce babbitt refused to grant a permit for the mine because it would cause irreparable damage to the land and interfere with the traditions of the native tribes. the bush administration, however, has reversed that ruling. infoplease.com