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the language spoken by these people.


a member of one of several south american ethnic groups that spans peru, bolivia, northwestern argentina, northern chile, and in ecuador and southern colombia.

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  • about 30% of the people are quechua and 25% are aymara (though many are of mixed descent), with indigenous groups largely living in the western highlands. citizens of european descent (13% of the people) or mixed european and native ancestry (26% of the population), who live primarily in the cities and eastern lowlands, have historically maintained economic, political, and social hegemony, but this was challenged by evo morales, who was first elected president in 2005, and by the constitution adopted in 2009. spanish and 36 indigenous languages including aymara, quechua, and guaranĂ­ are all constitutionally recognized as official languages. a few indigenous groups have remained isolated from european culture. most of the population is roman catholic, although many people of indigenous descent retain the substance of their pre-christian beliefs. there is also an evangelical protestant minority. factmonster.com

  • a number of animal words went directly from indian languages into spanish and then english. puma originated in quechua, while jaguar comes from yaguar, a word of the guarani who live in what is now paraguay, and iguana is a modification of iwana, used by the arawak and carib of the west indies. infoplease.com

  • all of us -- latinx or not -- represent our own individual sets of experiences, practices, languages, and identities, and the more we embrace and acknowledge each other by not just what language we speak or words we use, but by the uniqueness of who we individually are, the more we can foster a community that is united and free from the exclusion of some of its members. for example, the latinx community itself is not homogeneous, but rather it is a diverse and historically rich community that contains an even more diverse myriad of languages, ranging from, but not limited to spanish, portuguese, french, english, mayan, quechua, and other indigenous languages. medpagetoday.com