quell Definitions


a subduing.

an emotion or sensation which rises suddenly.


to die.

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  • have they gone mad, this is insane talk about not trying to start a panic or anything. i like the idea and everything but why choose zombies as a way of advertising lol, this does not do anything to quell peoples imaginations and fears. surely there’s a better way of advertising, or perhaps the cdc is really getting the general public prepared for something. governments and organisations usually let out little snippets of information before an event or occurrence. i am shocked to say the least, if it is just advertising its a real strange way of doing it; and not uniform to, or the standard practice that serious organisations usually take. my head is boggled at this one. cdc.gov

  • the aftermath of the bin laden raid had some unexpected consequences for o’neill. after meeting the president and receiving another silver star, the team was cautioned about speaking to the press, but leaks soon came to light. o’neill was called in by superiors several times and asked whom he had spoken to—and when repeated denials didn’t quell their curiosity, he began to think it was time to retire. after one more mission, he did. o’neill reveals his thinking at the time and how he found his civilian calling by cofounding a veterans assistance organization, “your grateful nation.” cia.gov

  • even in an era when addiction to pain medication has reached epidemic proportions, alternatives remain few and far between. quell uses nerve stimulation to deliver relief from chronic pain — no drugs required. to do this, the device is worn on the lower leg, and by stimulating the nervous system, it activates natural pain blockers. quell has been shown to reduce back pain and pain in legs, and improve sleep quality, making it an ideal reliever for people living with arthritis or fibromyalgia. everydayhealth.com

  • following the japanese occupation of malaysia during world war ii, a growing nationalist movement prompted the british to establish the semiautonomous federation of malaya in 1948. but communist guerrillas took to the jungles to begin a war of national liberation against the british, who declared a state of emergency to quell the insurgency, which lasted until 1960. factmonster.com

  • 30 and when he saw that mighty army, he prayed and said, blessed art thou, o saviour of israel, who didst quell the violence of the mighty man by the hand of thy servant david, and gavest the host of strangers into the hands of jonathan the son of saul, and his armourbearer; infoplease.com

  • after using quell from september, 2017, until yesterday, according to the manufacturer's specifications i began to experience a gradual onset of generalized anxiety which was most severe in the late afternoons after 4 or 5 quell sessions. i did not use the device at night and the disquiet/anxiety would fade overnight but resume the following day. i also experienced some inner ear imbalance. i take an snri (selective serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors) for fibromyalgia and wonder if there is a subtle interaction between the neural stimulation from the quell unit and the medication. the quell manufacturers seemed disinterested in this. medicinenet.com

  • to quell patient fears, some critics want a large-scale epidemiological study to assess risk. that's why sander said her organization has requested that a major federal agency -- possibly the cdc, the national institutes of health, or the centers for medicare and medicaid services -- perform a prospective study of hfa inhalers after the transition. medpagetoday.com