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a data structure in which objects are added to one end, called the tail, and removed from the other, called the head (- a fifo queue). the term can also refer to a lifo queue or stack where these ends coincide.


to fasten the hair into a queue.

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line upjoin the queuejoin a queuejoinlineupline

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  • for most ph.d.’s, the united states has a surplus of workers, especially in tenure-track positions in academia. the exceptions are certain fields within industry, such as petroleum engineering, process engineering, and computer engineering, and other fields in the government sector, such as nuclear engineering, materials science, and thermohydraulic engineering. academia tends to absorb the ph.d.’s who are unable to find positions in industry into postdoc positions. at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, there is consistent demand for employees in software development, as well as in high-growth areas such as mobile application development, data science, and petroleum engineering. there is also demand below the bachelor’s level in the manufacturing industry, which needs workers in the skilled trades, such as machinists and technicians. hence, we have a heterogeneous mixture of supply and demand for different occupations: some have a queue of workers, others a queue of unfilled positions. bls.gov

  • operator: the phone lines are now open for questions if you’d like to ask a question over the phone, press star 1, and record your name. if you want to withdrawal your question, press star 2, thank you. first question in the queue from maggie fox with nbc news, your line is open. cdc.gov

  • he said los angeles county surely has sophisticated toxicology labs that can process the results promptly, and a high-profile case like houston's likely got moved to the head of the queue. coordinating the investigation with the district attorney and other key players may be stalling the release of the information, he said. everydayhealth.com

  • then we coordinate that across this ecosystem of different players, and then we queue things up. for example, for hl7 we created a queue for the clinical workgroup, and as they meet we have a ticket queue that has come in through this and we don’t change their process but we say, hey, here’s the ticket queue of the things we prioritized from the inputs we have from the technical implementers of this. can we work with you, can we be on the committee and help to resolve that? we often will also, through various government contracts, support some of the people who are on those committees to off-load some of the work of the committee where we do some of the technical activity. hhs.gov

  • q q in a corner. something not seen at first, but subsequently brought to notice. the thong to which seals are attached in legal documents is in french called the queue; thus we have lettres scellées sur simple queue or sur double queue, according to whether they bear one or two seals. in documents where the seal is attached to the deed itself, the corner where the seal is placed is called the queue, and when the document is sworn-to the finger is laid on the queue. infoplease.com

  • asprêle, bottle brush, cavalinha, coda cavallina, cola de caballo, common horsetail, corn horsetail, dutch rushes, equiseti herba, equisetum, equisetum arvense, equisetum hyemale, equisetum telmateia, field horsetail, herbe à récurer, horse herb, horsetail grass, horsetail rush, horse willow, paddock-pipes, pewterwort, prele, prêle, prêle commune, prêle des champs, queue-de-chat, queue-de-cheval, queue-de-rat, queue-de-renard, scouring rush, souring rush, shave grass, shavegrass, spring horsetail, toadpipe. medicinenet.com

  • "a few hundred people would attend xavier's public mediumistic meetings at his spiritist center. the attendance to these meetings was free. every friday afternoon, people would gather in a queue for the opportunity to talk for a few minutes with xavier.[19] between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., xavier would exchange a few words with each of the attendees in the queue. after 6 p.m., xavier would go to a small room at the back of the spiritist center with two assistants." medpagetoday.com

  • queue in a major depressive episode, and wondering where i went wrong. luckily, i have an amazing friend who helped me see what i needed to do next. i kept saying “i’m tired of wasting my time doing nothing that matters!” and he said, “well if you could be anything in the world, what would you do?” and my immediate response was “medicine” followed by “but i can’t do that.” merckmanuals.com

  • each ihm locatorplus record contains an electronic link to a digital surrogate of the image. in the detailed view (see figure 1), the electronic link appears beneath the "description." in the holdings view (see figure 2), the electronic link appears beneath the call number for the holdings location "internet." digitization is ongoing. in some cases, researchers may encounter an "image not available" icon when they click on the electronic link. this means that the digital image is still in the processing queue. researchers may contact the nlm customer support for more information on how to access these images. nih.gov

  • while the process of journey mapping is enlightening, it doesn’t end with a map. follow-up and planning for improvement are key. we’ve incorporated many outcomes from our journey maps into our customer experience (cx) improvement queue. we’ve prioritized several projects into our fourth quarter objectives and key results across our content, user experience, performance measurement, and contact center teams. usa.gov