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  • thus, in the academic employment sector, we find no evidence of any shortages. to the contrary, it appears that the mismatch is between an oversupply of ph.d.’s desiring an academic career and the relative paucity of tenure-track faculty positions.26 although the degree of mismatch varies according to discipline, we have long queues of ph.d.’s competing for nearly all stem-related faculty positions. bls.gov

  • i have been taking 8mg dose naltrexone twice a day for over a month with great results. i no longer having obsessive thoughts about food. it had helped me pay attention to my body’s natural hunger and fullness queues. i haven’t had any cravings or any compulsions to eat when i feel sad, bored, or otherwise emotional. my guess is that this is what people who don’t have an eating disorder must feel like on a day to day basis. this medication is definitely helping shift my relationship with food i had a little bit of nausea the first week but it went away quickly. i would recommend trying naltrexone for anyone who has struggled with binging and compulsive thoughts with food. everydayhealth.com

  • so the amount of manual work that goes into these processes, there’s more than you might think. and what we found was that the reason those things were deemed not to be received is that they had gone into work queues before the front door of the payer to be looked at and for a variety of reasons such as staff came and went, those work queues weren’t worked and fell into what we as the provider’s side of the house call a black hole. so there’s a lot more to it than what you just might see. hhs.gov

  • on may 20, the incumbent president of iran, hassan rouhani, wins re-election by a huge margin after unprecedented voter turnout. polls were held open for several hours to process unexpected queues of voters across the country. rouhani faced stiff opposition from iranian conservatives supported by the ayatollah ali khamenei, but managed to maintain his mandate. (al jazeera) infoplease.com

  • a health system-level discrete event simulation model was developed to project the potential impact of wait times on car t-cell therapy for patients with relapsed/refractory diffuse large b-cell lymphoma. waiting queues and health states related to treatment and clinical progression were implemented. using data from the literature, we evaluated nine scenarios of using car t-cell therapy with wait times ranging from 1 to 9 months. the outcome of interest was 1-year all-cause mortality. medpagetoday.com