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extremely appealing to look at; sexually alluring.


a pie made primarily of eggs and cream in a pastry crust. other ingredients such as chopped meat or vegetables are often added to the eggs before the quiche is baked.

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  • if you're avoiding gluten, you may wonder whether warm, flaky biscuits, fruity scones, and savory quiche are off-limits for breakfast. not at all! bacon-pecan biscuits, cinnamon-cherry scones, and a veggie-packed quiche are just a few of the healthy and satisfying recipes in the new south beach diet gluten solution cookbook by south beach diet creator dr. arthur agatston. the book offers 175 gluten-free dishes that are perfect for anyone who is either following a gluten-free diet or simply cutting back on gluten. and every one of these delicious recipes was created with your weight-loss goals in mind. everydayhealth.com

  • you can get cracking at any meal with a slice of veggie quiche. eggs are a good source of protein and make that spinach or broccoli even healthier. research shows that eggs can help your body take in and use more of the vitamins you get from vegetables. for the healthiest slice, go for a quiche that's made with a whole-wheat crust. medicinenet.com

  • luckily, i have no rotations scheduled for the holiday break, and i am very happy to finally be spending my free time catching up on the stuff i missed doing. while on rotations, and studying for the boards, it seemed i had little to no time to do anything i enjoyed. now, i’m home and free! today, for example, i slept in, listened to two webinars (can’t completely ditch the vet stuff), rode my horse, made a quiche, and now i’m set up by the nice, warm, wood stove to do some knitting. i’m not so patiently waiting for the results of my exam, but for now, i’m going to enjoy the time off from school and studying. merckmanuals.com