quiet Definitions


requiring little or no interaction.


be quiet.


the absence of movement; stillness, tranquility


to cause someone to become quiet.

quiet thesaurus


Examples include quiet

  • a moderate noise intensity level was present for 76.9 percent of workers, 14.2 had exposure to quiet noise intensity level, and another 8.6 percent were exposed to a loud noise intensity level. outdoor exposure was present for 33.4 percent of workers. exposure to hazardous contaminants was not present for 93.1 percent. bls.gov

  • buy quiet noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illness in the united states. each year approximately 22 million u.s. workers are exposed to noise loud enough to damage their hearing. to create a more healthful workplace, the national institute for occupational safety and health (niosh) recommends preventing hazardous noise through controls for noise exposure and encourages business owners to create buy quiet programs as a first step. view this video on the niosh channel. year: 2014 video pub. no.: 2014-130 total running time: 5 minutes 23 seconds cdc.gov

  • the quiet americans is revisionist. the morally compromised spymaster is a standard device in fiction and nonfiction alike, including this book’s namesake, graham greene’s 1955 novel, the quiet american. anderson, however, provides his subjects with a degree of nuance rarely seen in that caricature. anderson is revisionist also in his assessment of the wider enterprise and of the men at the top setting the policies. in his account, wisner, lansdale, sichel, and burke are sympathetic figures in contrast to george kennan, j. edgar hoover, the dulles brothers, and dwight eisenhower, whose character and actions anderson calls into question. cia.gov

  • in a setting that is too quiet, those disruptive noises become more noticeable to some individuals, dr. breus explains. “the more quiet it is, the more acute your hearing becomes,” he says. “if it’s too quiet, you hear everything and assign value to it, which usually ends up in getting upset about that noise and not being able to sleep.” everydayhealth.com

  • because the fluids used inside a stirling engine never leave the engine, and because the engine is not powered by explosive combustion, as in a gasoline or diesel engine, there are no exhaust valves that vent high-pressure fluids. as a result, stirling engines are very quiet and can be used in specialized applications, such as submarines or auxiliary power generators, where quiet operation is important. factmonster.com

  • queeret is a blog and community for introvert queers to share each other’s company in queer, quiet, and sober gatherings called qalms. josh hersh started queeret (a merging of the words queer and quiet) as an instagram account. originally based in brooklyn, it has grown quickly and so far has hosted meetups in about a dozen cities across america. on the blog, you’ll find thoughtful content about bringing calm and sobriety to queer spaces, plus podcasts, interviews, and event listings. healthline.com

  • dr. steindel: i have been relatively quiet so far. i think this discussion has caused me to stop being relatively quiet. i have a bit of a problem with this section. the problem i have with this section is there is a presumption that the individual with their phr want the same level of security or require the same level of security that the ehr has. hhs.gov

  • real quiet came real close to capturing the sports first triple crown since affirmed in 1978. real quiet, ridden by kent desormeaux, became the 14th horse in history to win the kentucky derby and preakness stakes only be nosed out at the belmont stakes. derby and preakness runner-up victory gallop and jockey gary stevens spoiled real quiet's chance at history in 1998. infoplease.com

  • a quiet flame: a bernie gunther novel db72934 16 hours 59 minutes by philip kerr read by ray childs buenos aires, 1950. colonel montalbán of juan perón’s secret police enlists german immigrant bernie gunther to investigate a german argentine girl’s murder—a case that mimics the crimes of a psychopathic killer in prewar berlin. some violence and some strong language. 2008. loc.gov

  • affected by hearing loss for years, jerry and madalaine mcdaniel created a world for themselves that revolved around their quiet home environment. but when the couple was offered a chance to escape the silence, they leaped at the possibility of a return to sound. from the start, hearing loss was a part of madalaine and [...] mayoclinic.org

  • signs of stress: "if she's usually very quiet, but now is antsy, talking a lot," says myers-walls. "or if this is usually a happy-go-lucky kid, but he's become quiet and sullen, there may be something going on. if his eating and sleeping habits have changed, there may be stress. if he starts talking about giving away his favorite things, there's a serious problem." medicinenet.com

  • make sure that your child eats and sleeps at their usual times. if your child no longer takes a nap, ensure that they still have some quiet time. lying down for 15 to 20 minutes or resting while you read stories together at regular times of the day can help prevent tantrums. medlineplus.gov

  • this is the quiet racism of every day -- the small transgressions that we gloss over in our daily lives. the outrage that only comes when men carrying tiki torches march openly. the america i know tolerates racism as long as it's quiet, as long as it doesn't cause a scene. until it kills an innocent protester. medpagetoday.com

  • i remember the first time i assisted a veterinarian in vermont with joint injections. we drove to a small, beautiful stable on a quiet spring day. we walked into the quiet barn and found our patient, who was eyeing us with obvious skepticism. i bet he remembered all of the signs that “the vet was […] merckmanuals.com

  • on the other hand, the british virgin islands demonstrates the integrity of a well-governed british dependent territory as well as democratic and stable society. economic development is very much dependent on the tourism and financial industries. unfortunately, these were affected by the world financial crisis of 2008. according to the world and travel tourism council, the total contribution of the tourism industry to overall gross domestic product and employment in the territory went above 75 percent in 2013. the financial sector is just starting to recuperate although a three percent rise in gdp is expected until 2016. meanwhile, inflation is expected to stay within the two to three percent range considering the relatively quiet outlook for prices of prime commodities. the medium-term viewpoint of slow growth in key economies like the united states, united kingdom and euro zone is likely to hold back growth in the islands. nationmaster.com

  • procrastination will kill you. i have learned the hard way. it’s important to get your work done on time or you’ll find yourself staying up at night trying to finish it. whenever i felt unmotivated to do work, i would stretch, grab a coffee, and find a comfortable quiet place where i could refocus and do my work. usa.gov