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a smart, sarcastic turn or jest; a taunt; a severe retort or comeback; a gibe.


to taunt; to treat with quips.

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  • kent was an unusually colorful character for an ivy league professor in a rules-bound era. as an undergraduate, friends dubbed him “buffalo bill the cultured cowboy.” as a teacher, he continued to mix scholarship with showmanship almost by second nature. his ruthless grading of students was common enough; he was not the only professor to punish indolence and superficiality. but none could match his mastery of the earthy story and off-color quip. one well-qualified observer attributed to kent “the saltiest vocabulary ever heard in a yale common room.” not all students were impressed with kent’s insistence that an investment in history was a prerequisite for meeting life’s mental challenges, but many were ready to tolerate his rigorous grading standards to witness the campus showman perform. cia.gov

  • sometimes, those who have been there will frown or grimace at one particular aspect of ms or another as they have seen how difficult that one can be.  other times, there is a wry smile that lets me know that someone else has figuratively stumbled with this or that thing about which i might quip. everydayhealth.com

  • mr. crowley: you might want to consider incentivizing in some way. there is a community willingness to learn an approach, but maybe run a couple of pilots. some of the challenges that have already been used for leveraging those mechanisms, to build that into the community. there is some additional quip or quo for participating. hhs.gov

  • (the). sir, it was done to please myself. touchstone says: “if i sent a person word that his bread was not well cut, and he replied he cut it to please himself,” he would answer with the quip modest, which is six removes from the lie direct; or, rather, the lie direct in the sixth degree. infoplease.com

  • elizabeth: i agree with that. certainly, we quip all the time. right around the office, we have a whole foods and we quip and call it "whole paycheck," because it just seems so expensive to go there and purchase those things that are organic. the jury is out. i'll agree with that, and i think what we really need is a study that really examines this critically in a prospective fashion and is able to chronicle what people eat. that's a tough study to do. medpagetoday.com