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prejudice or discrimination based upon race or ethnicity; an action of such discrimination.

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  • in the first case, which involved black autoworker james johnson, who shot two foremen and a coworker in 1970, the media reactions showed that “many recognized that individual violence at work was an outgrowth of the brutal processes of detroit factory labour and the racial and other hierarchies that were central to how this labour was organized and carried out.” johnson was declared temporarily insane—allegedly because of unfair and dangerous workplace conditions exacerbated by racism—and was eventually awarded worker’s compensation from chrysler. bls.gov

  • dr. king was forthright in presenting the facts that many did not want to hear. he spoke from direct experience, having seen the harsh reality of americans abusing the rights and dignity of other americans. he went wherever his message was needed most, contributing the power of his words and actions to the struggle against racism, discrimination, and violence. cia.gov

  • according to natalia linos, scd, executive director of the fxb center for health and human rights at harvard university in boston, people often think of explicit and implicit racism as two different things, with the first worse than the second. but racism is racism, she argues, and community-created structural racism is how systems reproduce inequities. everydayhealth.com

  • like the anger within the black community, these resentments aren't always expressed in polite company. but they have helped shape the political landscape for at least a generation. anger over welfare and affirmative action helped forge the reagan coalition. politicians routinely exploited fears of crime for their own electoral ends. talk show hosts and conservative commentators built entire careers unmasking bogus claims of racism while dismissing legitimate discussions of racial injustice and inequality as mere political correctness or reverse racism. factmonster.com

  • and then we need better implementation of the impact of race and racism. most of the minority investigators are really looking at the impact of race and racism on the health of minorities. in the case of latinos, this particular study from the alcasor(?) family foundation survey are already starting to document the fact that latinos are aware of the kinds of racism and unfair treatment that they experience as a result of their ethnicity so we need to plug that into some kind of systematic way so we can have a better understanding of the impact of race and not only race but sexism and other aspects that unfortunately of our integrated was part of the health care system. hhs.gov

  • hart's war centers around the sad paradox of american racism in world war ii. blacks suffering under jim crow and domestic injustice enlisted to fight the nazis while being assaulted by severe bigotry within the ranks. despite terrence howard's compelling performance as a framed black officer, the film uses racism as a way of exploring the white characters more fully. infoplease.com

  • mrs. ruth e. tinsley 58, is being carried away from a richmond, va., department store by two policemen, after she refused to move on during picketing yesterday. one policeman guides a police department dog 1960. | 1 photographic print. | carpenter, malcolm o.nywts - subj/geog--racism [item] [p&p] | lc-dig-ds-12618 (digital file from original photograph) loc.gov

  • the problem is, because this is such an emotionally charged arena, occasionally (1/100?) you will run across a review which will directly and by name attack one of your providers or staff. often these will border on libel, racism or sexism. now what? your organization has effectively enabled someone to attack their own employees. mayoclinic.org

  • an examination of 66 previous studies that included more than 18,000 black adults concluded that there are common responses to both racism and trauma, including somatization (psychological distress that is expressed as physical pain), interpersonal sensitivity and anxiety. the more stressful the racism, the more likely a person was to report mental distress. medicinenet.com

  • defreitas: symbolic racism is a subtle form of racism in which people believe that racism is not real and that the reason people of color have not progressed more in life is due to their own deficiencies. this is one of the most damaging forms of racism because it is widespread and people can feel good about themselves for having an "american work ethic," believing they have achieved their goals completely due to their own hard work. medpagetoday.com

  • the cambridge dictionary defines racism as the policies, behaviors, rules, etc. that result in a continued unfair advantage to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race. racism should not be worse than the coronavirus pandemic that has massively changed our daily lives. however, racism has been a global problem for […] merckmanuals.com

  • racism is an organising theme. in 22 of the 95 records, racism was identified in indigenous australians’ tb experiences.40–48 50 53 54 57–59 61–66 123 racism was documented as central to the history of tb history for indigenous australians. racism continues as a dominant social context for tb for indigenous australians today. race-based policies that forced the congregation of indigenous australians onto missions and government settlements caused social disruption and adverse environmental conditions which were fertile for tb transmission.50 54 58 across the literature, the significance of the oppression of indigenous australians underpins the past and ongoing social inequities contributing to tb affecting indigenous australians.40 41 47 48 50 54 58 62 64 123 nih.gov