racism Definitions


discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race

the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races

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Examples include racism

  • In a story from Atlanta posted on CNN.com last week, a Vick supporter blamed the vigorous prosecution on racism and several civil rights leaders expressed support for a man who has been widely vilified for his participation in an inhumane enterprise. journalism.org

  • • Consideration of a revised national curriculum to prevent racism and value cultural diversity. School governors and local education authorities to create strategies for dealing with racist incidents. theguardian.com

  • "But the issue can only be properly dealt with by all political parties working together to protect the interests of the Jewish community and to combat racism in politics, the media and in society more broadly. telegraph.co.uk

  • "For weeks we've seen President Trump run away from a meaningful conversation on systemic racism and police brutality. Instead, he's further divided our country," Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday. telegraph.co.uk

  • "Instagram was also slow on this, deleting his profile only yesterday. It is just not good enough. Social media companies have not been strong or fast enough about tackling racism, misogyny or homophobia. telegraph.co.uk

  • "It has been a difficult time for our country, in particular black people in our country," said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. "We, the National Football League, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of black people. telegraph.co.uk

  • "It is unfortunately the case that this particular example, dealing with Israel and racism, has sometimes been used by those wanting to restrict criticism of Israel that is not anti-Semitic," Mr Corbyn said. telegraph.co.uk

  • "It is with a heavy heart and after much consideration that because of recent events, I will no longer be playing for Germany at international level whilst I have this feeling of racism and disrespect," he said. telegraph.co.uk

  • "It's not going to be easy and in some cases it's not going to be comfortable, but it needs to be done," he said, explaining institutional racism still exists "because someone, somewhere, is benefiting from it".  telegraph.co.uk

  • "Nobody should condone racism. We are all human. Despite the colour of our skin, we are all the same, we live in the same world, the same life. I don't condone racism, but at the same time, I don't condone riots. telegraph.co.uk

  • "There are many films they have given a 15 certificate to that I think are full of pornographic violence or racism or cruelty that is not fit for 15-year-olds, and they show that with no problem at all, so I think there is tremendous hypocrisy." theguardian.com

  • "They didn't want to hit me, as Daisy, they wanted to hit me as a young coloured woman. I’ve been the victim of episodes of racism before, but only verbal ones. When you go from words to action it means another wall has been breached". telegraph.co.uk

  • "This is hardly an example of respect, equality, tolerance or fairness, so when it comes to racism, sexism, tolerance or social justice, I will not take lectures from those on the other side of the House." telegraph.co.uk

  • "We cannot tolerate hatred of others, racism, anti-Semitism or holocaust denial," Mr Valls said. "That is not France and the highest (administrative) court in the land has said as much and has said it clearly. This is a victory for the Republic." telegraph.co.uk

  • "We fully acknowledge that just as in many walks of life, sport, including cricket and Yorkshire as a club, must do better to fully promote a culture of zero tolerance to racism or any form of prejudice. telegraph.co.uk

  • , . "Racism wears down Pittsburgh’s reporters of color." Nieman Journalism Lab. Last modified October 25, 2019. Accessed September 15, 2020. https://www.niemanlab.org/reading/racism-wears-down-pittsburghs-reporters-of-color/. niemanlab.org

  • , . (2019, Oct. 25). Racism wears down Pittsburgh’s reporters of color. Nieman Journalism Lab. Retrieved September 15, 2020, from https://www.niemanlab.org/reading/racism-wears-down-pittsburghs-reporters-of-color/ niemanlab.org

  • ...and no, before anyone whips out the racism card, I'm merely pointing out the absurdity of having Australia being represented in "Euro" vision just because of some cult status when they show delayed coverage on SBS. theguardian.com

  • A Dfid spokesperson said: “We will not tolerate any form of racism, discrimination or harassment. We have guidance in place for staff to report any such issues and robust policies for investigating them.” telegraph.co.uk

  • A confidential reporting hotline for racism and a formal disciplinary process are being considered by the Professional Cricketers Association after a damaging string of revelations this summer about prejudice in English cricket. telegraph.co.uk