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en given name

royal australian navy.


initialism of en

yarns coiled on a spun-yarn winch.

open robbery.



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  • moreover, many of the broad trends in relative price movements that are still in place today came into focus during the 1968–1983 period. short-term movements in the index often were driven by energy, especially gasoline. shelter and medical care price changes usually ran above overall inflation, while apparel price changes ran consistently below. inflation for services outstripped inflation for commodities. bls.gov

  • i will be going to wall mart you can close thoes big metal gates they have canned goode generators firearms and ammunition batteries meds camping and cooking supplies ( grills) climb to the roof after it is locked down all doors and have 360 degree security you could last there untill the water ran out ( bottles) cdc.gov

  • we ran a least squares regression of the coverage rates for the revised ccrs vs the probability. if the rates for the two data sets were identical, we would find an intercept of 0.000, a slope of 1.000 and a r-square of 1.000. the estimated parameters are as follows (with the standard error of the estimate in parenthesis): census.gov

  • the book works off the sensible premise that bad foreign policy outcomes are the result of bad process. so we learn of the way kissinger ran the national security council (nsc)—and the ways in which admiral john poindexter and condoleezza rice ran it—and are then given a comparison between their ways and those of scowcroft. kissinger by all accounts ran a dysfunctional nsc, full of backbiting, poor information sharing, and inconsistent input from the departments on major issues. sparrow relates how kissinger had a habit of skewing his options papers for nixon towards the policy kissinger supported—usually the second option in the paper. though sparrow does not explicitly mention it, this faulty nsc process, in which many officials were cut out, arguably contributed to the disastrous decision to expand the vietnam war into cambodia. cia.gov

  • when i crossed the new york city marathon’s finish line on november 1, it was almost exactly three years since my lung cancer diagnosis. i ran to prove to myself that i could do it. i ran to celebrate my renewed health. and i ran to raise awareness about lung cancer. everydayhealth.com

  • in 490 b.c. the persian army attacked the athenians at the greek village of marathon. pheidippides ran to ask sparta for help. while sparta refused, the athenians won anyway. pheidippides then ran to athens to proclaim the victory. after running 150 miles in two days, he collapsed and died. while the battle of marathon has become a historical footnote, pheidippides' achievement survives as the marathon. factmonster.com

  • mr. sabelhaus then went through some things the oasdi model can do at the present time. he actually ran the model while the group watched and commented on the outputs produced as he went. first, he ran a default model which calibrates the forecasting models. these default models replicate the actuary's results within about 1%. hhs.gov

  • away ran catherine, and away ran the dog across the field: but he ran faster than she, and stuck close to the steak. 'it's all gone, and "what can't be cured must be endured",' said catherine. so she turned round; and as she had run a good way and was tired, she walked home leisurely to cool herself. infoplease.com

  • ran two million into a huge fortune harrison williams, now a resident of new york, is the man who in 27 years ran a small fortune of two million dollars into six hundred and eighty millions. starting off as manager of a small bicycle factory on a fifty per cent commission basis in the profits, if and when made, williams started the idea of ... 1937 may 17. | 1 photographic print.nywts - biog--williams, harrison--financier, dead [item] [p&p] | lc-dig-ds-04105 (digital file from original item) loc.gov

  • as a kid, christopher moir, m.d., a pediatric surgeon at mayo clinic in rochester, traveled a lot; his father was a pilot. when he got older, as a medical student in vancouver, british columbia, he kept traveling. dr. moir did short-term surgical mission work in rural honduras and, as a resident, ran a clinic there. mayoclinic.org

  • the beginning of mine i felt feverish. when i went to the hospital and the doctor ran the tests on me. i was told i am lacking iron, so i was give medication for that after some weeks i went back with pains and headache. this time when the doctor ran the test again he detected the typhoid so i am on typhoid medication now and doing fine be his grace. medicinenet.com

  • it really started 10 years ago. i was a healthy 24-year-old moving up the professional career ladder. i started having pressure in my chest and ultimately wound up in the emergency room. they found that i had pericarditis (inflamed linings of the heart). i was given medicine for that and sent home. i did research and found that pericarditis can be caused by lupus. since my sister had lupus i went back to my doctor. she sent me to a rheumatologist who ran tests and confirmed that i had lupus. medlineplus.gov

  • end-of-year brainstorms in past years have included the "changing face of medicine" series that we ran last year, which covered major therapeutic breakthroughs over 25 years -- for example, treatments for myocardial infarction and peptic ulcers. other years we ran round-ups of the top news articles in various areas such as breast cancer and hiv/aids. medpagetoday.com

  • my friend joseph, the other work study student, and i spent the majority of our time running from session to session ensuring that everything was set up the way it should be and ran smoothly. and when i say we ran, i mean it! we made a game of seeing who could get the most steps in each day using a pedometer app on our phones, and getting over 15,000 steps before the end of our eight hour work day was definitely the norm! we also got to meet and work with a lot of the faculty and other staff at the hospital we had not yet interacted with since coming to albany med. merckmanuals.com

  • methods: a retrospective audit from september 2014 to august 2015 was completed. discharge analgesic regimens and readmission rates post-tonsillectomy for recurrent tonsillitis in 2-17 year-old children were studied in a large general hospital in the united kingdom. a standardised weight-based algorithm was used to dose scheduled regular paracetamol for 2 weeks. second cycle prospective audit ran from december 2015 to november 2016. nih.gov

  • it’s also really important to make sure your “on-air talent” understands the material and feels comfortable in front of the camera. your behind-the-scenes team needs to understand the technology and be able to smoothly handle the flow of questions that will come in from your audience. our team ran some mock facebook lives to help perfect our approach both in front of the camera and behind the scenes and make sure everyone was familiar with what they would need to do during the event. usa.gov