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a type of dance step usually performed in clogs, and particularly (but not exclusively) associated with the english north west morris tradition. the rant step consists of alternately bringing one foot across and in front of the other and striking the ground, with the other foot making a little hop.


to dance rant steps.

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  • out of this come the simple conclusions of soviet innocence and that russia today needs to be unified and strong to face the resurgent fascists who plot its destruction. in eastern ukraine, walker finds, it is ordinary for someone to “express furious hatred for ‘fascists’ and then in the same breath rant about the jews or the gays as the root of all evil in the modern world.” (207) similarly, a man who has dedicated his life to recording the history of the labor camps in kolyma rails against gorbachev for destroying an “incredible country.” “a person who had spent half his life memorializing the camps . . . had over time come to believe the camps had been somewhat justified . . . the country [had] pursued a difficult but necessary course, en route to its historic victory in the war.” (92) cia.gov

  • this rant may sound like i’m not respecting those who do and say those things and have found that “peace”.  i totally, 100% respect their right to feel that way and i am happy for them.  when, however, their shiny, positive attitudes make others in our community feel less of themselves; make them feel that, on some level, their condition is their fault… that i cannot respect. everydayhealth.com

  • the voting so infuriated texas slugger juan gonzalez that he decided he wouldn't play at all unless he was voted in by fans. he wasn't. three indians were chosen ahead of him despite gonzalez's two mvp awards in the past three years. all-star manager joe torre succumbed to gonzalez's takeoff on former player garry templeton's rant, "if i ain't startin', i ain't departin" and granted him his wish by leaving him off the team. his decision cost him a $50,000 bonus that would have kicked in had he made the team. factmonster.com

  • i know that this -- you know, we might be thinking here comes another consumer rant that we want this, we want that, we want this. but yes and no. most importantly, consumers need information in a useful and understandable manner. we also need to feel confident that the information we provide, which is sensitive and personal information about our health and well-being is secure and will be only used for individual and common good, not for marketing and not to discriminate against. hhs.gov

  • there has been allotted to the united states a considerable addition of space, which, while placing our country in the first rant among exhibitors, does not suffice to meet the increasingly urgent demands of our manufacturers. the efforts of the commissioner general are ably directed toward a strictly representative display of all that most characteristically marks american achievement in the inventive arts, and most adequately shows the excellence of our natural productions. infoplease.com

  • for the first study, the researchers posted an online survey on four popular rant sites, promising a chance at a $50 gift card for participating. the survey assessed how angry the participants tended to be and how they expressed their anger, as well as consequences they've experienced due to their anger-related behavior. medicinenet.com

  • this is not exactly a draconian step (although the right wing conspiracy nuts are already using the salt issue to rant about left-wing, big government conspiracies on fox news). in fact, the initiative is designed precisely to avoid the kind of consumer taste-backlash that killed off so many low-sodium foods when they first appeared in the 1980s. medpagetoday.com

  • i particularly remember this past winter being a time of emotional need. i had received 4 rejection emails up to this date (not letters mind you, which to me is probably the most impersonal way you can ruin a person’s dreams, sorry, rant) and i was having a terrible evening. not only had i been rejected four consecutive times, but i had just found out that i had missed my interview at the avc. story time. merckmanuals.com