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en given name, an anglicized form of spanish raúl.

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  • castro has had no higher priority from the outset of his revolutionary career than his personal security. once in power he set out immediately to create intelligence and security services, both within and independent of the armed forces controlled by his brother raul, that have reliably made him one of the world’s most physically invulnerable leaders. when traveling abroad he typically surrounds himself with an entourage of hundreds of elite security and support personnel. cuban intelligence has long been among the best in the world with a demonstrated ability to ferret out potential threats well before they coalesce. cia.gov

  • a pregnancy during your perimenopausal years can potentially pose many health risks. "the management of a pregnancy can be very challenging for a woman in that advanced stage [of her reproductive life]," says raul artal, md, chair of the department of obstetrics, gynecology, and women's health at saint louis university. "there could be a variety of complications. women at that age who contemplate pregnancy should be very well informed and medically cleared to make sure there are no preexisting medical conditions that could further complicate a pregnancy." everydayhealth.com

  • spain (group d)fifa world ranking: 15 players to watch: raul gonzalez (f), fernando morientes (f), andoni zubizaretta (gk) prospects: the always talented but often underachieving spanish squad looks to make a splash at france '98. they can do just that early on in their first-round meeting with 1996 olympic champions nigeria. the game should be one of best match-ups of the first round. if talented striker raul gonzalez can live up to the hype and handle the pressure heaped on his 20-year-old shoulders, spain could go far. first round opponents: nigeria (6/13), paraguay (6/19), bulgaria (6/24) factmonster.com

  • ray claimed he was framed by a shady character named raul, with whom he was involved in smuggling operations, though ray said he never learned raul's last name, or even what it was he was smuggling. when raul told him to buy a rifle and check into a certain rooming house in memphis, ray simply did so, no questions asked. infoplease.com

  • taken by the prince db73421 9 hours 27 minutes by christina dodd read by kristin allison raul lawrence, bastard son of an english viscount, returns to his native moricadia to reclaim his rightful throne. but raul recognizes governess victoria cardiff as one of his half sister’s friends and kidnaps her to hide his identity. the two soon fall in love. explicit descriptions of sex. 2011. loc.gov

  • dr. raul a. rosario-concepcion is a sports medicine physician with a special interest in management of tendinopathies and sports injuries. he has special knowledge on the rehabilitation of many sports injuries including acl tears. his skills include ultrasound guided procedures. his great academic and leadership performance made him a recipient of the carlos armstrong-ressy's leadership award and the rafael berrios-martinez's academic excellence award in 2018. also he received the resident teacher award in 2018 for his teaching dedication to fellow residents and medical students. mayoclinic.org

  • "the impact of obesity on health, and the link between obesity and cancer, has been very well-established. but the reasons why obesity increases the likelihood of people developing cancer are not as clearly understood," said study author dr. raul rosenthal, director of the bariatric and metabolic institute at cleveland clinic florida. medicinenet.com

  • raul ruiz, md (d-calif.), an emergency room physician and health subcommittee member, said they had a policy at the eisenhower medical center in rancho mirage, calif., where he used to work, to review drug interactions for every prescription. similar care coordination efforts should be installed if they don't already exist, he said. medpagetoday.com

  • a capable administrator, raul castro substantially cut the size of the army after the collapse of soviet communism threw cuba into severe economic crisis. he introduced western business practices to help make the armed forces self-sufficient. the military has a large stake in the most dynamic sectors of the cuban economy, including tourism. nationmaster.com