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an extremely toxic protein extracted from the castor bean.

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  • a preliminary test result – such as a positive for ricin components – must be confirmed by a second lrn test, which detects ricin toxin. the ricin toxin test is considered the best test for determining the presence of ricin. a positive result for ricin components can be used in public health decision making while officials wait for confirmatory results from the ricin toxin test. cdc.gov

  • by july 2003, duelfer realized his cia work in iraq was complete and he once again took an academic sabbatical, this time to princeton. in january 2005, he was back at cia as the new head of the iraq survey group (isg). his mission from george tenet was to find the truth in iraq. were wmd being hidden? had there ever been any? by december 2005 he had answered the questions. in between, his team had discovered indications of experiments with ricin — left over from before the first iraq war — dealt with an ied containing a nerve gas, reported to congress that iraq had not restarted its wmd programs, and survived a suicide bomber’s attempt on his life that killed two of his military escorts. the final chapter is a tribute to their memory. cia.gov

  • it’s easy to see why people would want this striking, exotic-looking plant in their gardens; some varieties display spiky maroon leaves and spiny crimson seedpods. but the seeds contain ricin, a powerful toxin that, if chewed or broken and swallowed, can be fatal to humans and pets. even skin contact with broken seeds can lead to severe allergic reactions in some people. everydayhealth.com

  • several plants vie for this title. the water hemlock is often described as the most violently toxic plant in the northern hemisphere. a piece of root the size of a little finger could easily kill a person. aconite, also known as monkshood or wolfsbane, is the most poisonous plant in europe. the castor bean plant, used to obtain castor oil, contains ricin, which is lethal to humans (although the oil is not). a single seed can kill. and a single bean from the rosary pea is equally lethal. factmonster.com

  • letters containing ricin sent to congress, president obama (apr. 15): paul kevin curtis of tupelo, miss., is arrested for sending letters contaminated with poison ricin to president obama, a mississippi senator roger wicker, an a local judge. the letters are intercepted by mail-sorting facilities. (apr. 23): charges against paul kevin curtis are dismissed. curtis is released as the investigation turns toward a new suspect. (apr. 27): a new suspect, j. everett dutschke, is arrested in the ricin case. dutschke has been charged with developing, producing, stockpiling, transferring, acquiring, retaining and possessing a biological agent to use as a weapon. infoplease.com

  • signs and symptoms of ricin poisoning depend on whether a person inhales or ingests ricin. inhaled ricin causes fever, chest tightness, cough and severe respiratory problems, including fluid buildup in the lungs (pulmonary edema). ingested ricin causes intestinal bleeding and organ damage. the poison can kill within three days of exposure. even a small amount of ricin may be fatal. mayoclinic.org

  • african coffee tree, arandi, bi ma zi, bofareira, castorbean, castor bean, castor bean plant, castor oil, castor oil plant, castor seed, erand, eranda, gandharva hasta, graine de ricin, huile de ricin, huile de ricin végétale, mexico weed, palma christi, ricin, ricin commun, ricin sanguin, ricine, ricino, ricinus communis, ricinus sanguines, tangantangan oil plant, wonder tree. medicinenet.com

  • that may have something to do with the quality of the product, toner said. even though it can be made in a kitchen -- emery said it is known as the "poor man's toxin" -- by cooking castor beans and using a solvent to extract the ricin, it's not necessarily pure or concentrated. medpagetoday.com

  • ricin (from beans of the castor plant) and abrin (from jequirity, or rosary pea) both inactivate ribosomes catalytically; one molecule of either toxin is capable of poisoning all of the ribosomes in a cell. although ricin has been injected in assassination attempts, mass casualties would probably involve inhalation of aerosolized toxin. merckmanuals.com