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  • prior to joining ori, dr. mozer spent more than 10 years at nih as a senior staff scientist in the intramural research program at the national, heart, lung, and blood institute. at nih, he studied synapse maturation and animal models of autism, and was a member of a functional genomics research consortium using rnai to study nervous system development. hhs.gov

  • givosiran is the second rnai drug approved by the fda, following last year's approval of patisiran (onpattro) for hereditary transthyretin (hattr) amyloidosis, which is also manufactured by alnylam. the rnai technology underpinning the treatments uses short nucleic acid strings to interrupt gene translation and expression and led to a nobel prize in medicine in 2006 for the two u.s. geneticists who developed the process. medpagetoday.com

  • we next sought to determine the influences of p38 and erk1/2 knockdown on bmp9-induced smad1/5/8 activity. interestingly, bmp9-induced phosphorylation of smad1/5/8 were accordingly decreased along with p38 rnai, and yet increased along with erk1/2 rnai (fig. 6e). together, these results further confirm that p38 and erk1/2 are likely to influence bmp9-induced smads signaling cascade in a converse manner, through which to exert opposing effects on bmp9-induced osteogenic differentiation of mpcs. nih.gov