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a pair or set of millstones.


to speedrun.

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  • 13 as explained by girola (“the treasury real yield curve and breakeven inflation,” slide 15), “this is because no noticeable on-the-run effects appear in the tips market. moreover, the number of tips is so small that it would not be possible to sort out statistically any on-the-run effects. therefore, the tnc regression variables for on-the-run and first off-the-run are omitted from the trc yield curve.” bls.gov

  • after having dvt as extensive as mine, i was told that i wouldn’t be able to run again without excruciating pain. determined not to let my medical history define my future, i have since trained for and run two half marathons and am currently training for three more half marathons in the spring of 2014, and the new york city marathon in november 2014. cdc.gov

  • for example, when we had 15 new cuts moved to the sun, we updated the pcf to show the cuts as "available for processing". the master sas macro would iteratively access the pfc and start-up the processing of the next available cut. when each cut was successfully run, the pcf for the cuts would be updated via sas macros, the process status would be set to "done", and the next available cut would be started. after all available cuts were run, the master sas macro would stop execution. upon completion of all available cuts, then manual intervention would be required to review the results and to begin the file back-up process. census.gov

  • government maintains marginal control over broadcast media; single state-run tv station; state-run radio broadcast station also operates several stations in rural areas; a dozen private television stations; a steadily increasing number of privately owned radio stations, nearly all in conakry, and about a dozen community radio stations; foreign tv programming available via satellite and cable subscription services cia.gov

  • “the day after a run, gentle stretching is key,” says oliveira. you should also stretch before and after every run regardless of the length of your run. post-run stretching is very important, he adds. "the muscles i really recommend you stretch the most are the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts, and calves,” says oliveira. ice is another way to relieve soreness and alleviate muscle and joint stress after a run. everydayhealth.com

  • for most products and services, long-run demand is far more elastic than short-run demand. as a fossil fuel with a finite supply, gasoline itself will be unavailable in the long run. over the long run, people can make any of a number of adjustments that will alter their demand for a good. factmonster.com

  • i wanted to get past the stage where i felt like everything was a crisis; i wanted to be the cool, collected mom cruising through the store with my perfectly behaved children. i wanted to stay on top of the housework and get through dinner time without wanting to run away to the bahamas for a year. healthline.com

  • mr. hornbrook: well, nci and fda are paying millions of dollars to those of us who are willing to standardize our data so that you can put the query out across multiple systems, have the data all be in the same format, have one program that will run in vermont, it will run in la, it will run in seattle, it will run in florida. hhs.gov

  • for most products and services, long-run demand is far more elastic than short-run demand. as a fossil fuel with a finite supply, gasoline itself will be unavailable in the long run. over the long run, people can make any of a number of adjustments that will alter their demand for a good. infoplease.com

  • view of dog run on the northwestern side of building no. 264, veterinary hospital kennel and dog run, facing southwest. from left to right: building no. 264, veterinary hospital kennel and dog run and building no. 278, administration building (right background) - fort benning, veterinary hospital complex, 10th division court and upton avenue, maneuver center of excellence, fort benning military reservation, chattahoochee county, ga 2010 | 4 x 5 in. | drumlevitch, markhabs ga-2426-11 | habs ga-2426-11 loc.gov

  • remember: every minute of activity counts, whether inside or out. sometimes, "close enough" can be ok. too cold for your 30-minute walk outside? try squeezing out 20. no way are you headed outside into a blizzard for your 45-minute run? head to the stairwell instead and run up and down steps for just 5 to 10 minutes. mayoclinic.org

  • "i just started building myself up physically and spiritually, and growing in who i was," davis said. "what i was before, i'm not now. does that mean i'm a failure? no. i just have to do things differently. i can still run, but i run slower now." she's run in three new york city marathons. medicinenet.com

  • abacavir helps to control hiv infection but does not cure it. continue to take abacavir even if you feel well. do not stop taking abacavir without talking to your doctor. if you stop taking abacavir or skip doses, your condition may become more difficult to treat or you could have an allergic reaction when restarting the medication (see important warning section). do not run out of medication. when your supply of abacavir starts to run low, get more from your doctor or pharmacist. medlineplus.gov

  • “first of all, half the trials had no “run ins,” says prof. collins. secondly, of the half that had “run ins”, all but a very few had “run ins” on placebo tablets in order to identify people who are noncompliant before the trial. in one of the trials with an active “run in”, the search trial, the “run in” did not prevent us from detecting a 10- fold increase in myopathy with the 80-mg dose of the drug compared with the 20- mg dose,” notes prof. collins. he added that most of the trials were done before statins were on the market so there was minimal potential for patients to exclude themselves because of a history of intolerance. medpagetoday.com

  • togo was a dog with true endurance, not only athletically but in his longevity. he was 12 years old when he made the serum run of 170 miles in 3 days (they had to come back as well, doubling the distance!). many dogs these days would not be able to run that far at that age.  during this run, temperatures were reported to be -40 degrees fahrenheit without the wind chill and as low as -85 degrees fahrenheit with the wind chill! merckmanuals.com

  • the government of jamaica is a combination of a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. the queen of england is the jamaican monarch. the prime minister, governor general and cabinet run the government’s affairs. the queen appoints the prime while the pm designates a governor general. the latter chooses members of the cabinet upon the advice of the prime minister. the current prime minister is portia simpson-miller who was inaugurated in january of 2012. nationmaster.com