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reasonable and rational behaviour.

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  • le carré is not entirely cynical, however. a german intelligence officer (and former lover of nat’s) tells him that “not all americans are europhobes. not all brits are passionate for a trade alliance with trump’s america at any price.” it was because they are convinced that the british eventually will return to sanity and rejoin the european family, she tells nat, that berlin was “unwilling to engage in spying activities against a friendly nation” and refused to accept the volunteer. (245) cia.gov

  • in her 'sanity break' blog, she covers everything from tips for daily living, to celebrities in the news, and the latest mental health studies and medical information that may impact readers' lives. “i hope to create a community of support, a place where those of us who live with depression and anxiety can be real,” she says. “i want it to be a ‘sanity break,’ a place where we get to take a brief rest from the madness in our brains.” everydayhealth.com

  • odysseus feigned madness in an attempt to avoid the war. when palamedes came to recruit him, he found odysseus, apparently insane and oblivious, guiding a plough hitched with a donkey and an ox and sowing salt in a field. but palamedes suspected trickery, and proved it by placing the infant telemachus in front of the draft animals and plow. when odysseus turned the plow to avoid his son, his sanity was revealed. factmonster.com

  • ms. hines: can we take one minute for my sanity and define the rows right now? i am going to be doing this thing up as soon as i possibly can after we are done. it used to be the rows were subcommittees. we have a pophealth, standards, privacy, and working group. what are the rows now? hhs.gov

  • this truth should be kept constantly in mind by every free people desiring to preserve the sanity and poise indispensable to the permanent success of self-government. yet, on the other hand, it is vital not to permit this spirit of sanity and self-command to degenerate into mere mental stagnation. bad though a state of hysterical excitement is, and evil though the results are which come from the violent oscillations such excitement invariably produces, yet a sodden acquiescence in evil is even worse. infoplease.com

  • valiant db77141 10 hours 12 minutes by jack campbell read by christian rummel captain “black jack” geary orders the alliance fleet officers to return to the lakota star system, where they were nearly annihilated. this command has his officers questioning his sanity—and contemplating mutiny. sequel to courageous (db77151). some violence. commercial audiobook. 2008. loc.gov

  • so if you are one of those women who have felt better on hormones than off hormones, then trust your own experience. chances are good that if you're feeling better, you're going to do better in an overall health sense. the pendulum swung way too far in the direction of hormone replacement for everybody, and then last summer it swung all the way back with the news that one specific kind of synthetic hormone was not right for everybody. now we're finally coming back to some sanity. and that sanity is individualized medicine, where everybody is treated as the unique individual that she is instead of having a one size fits all approach that is really unscientific and always has been. medicinenet.com

  • zonszein: eating properly and "sanity" is my best recommendation. three meals a day "of healthy food," leading towards a mediterranean type of diet, is a general recommendation. in addition, the individual needs to exercise, or at least stop the sedentary habits, sleep properly, avoid stress, and stop working excessive hours. having good genes is even more important! medpagetoday.com

  • when starting pa school, it’s likely been a few years since you studied such a brutal course load. relearning how to learn can be difficult, but necessary for your sanity and success throughout the program. how did you study during undergrad education? read directly from the powerpoints, handwrite notes, type out notes, read the book, […] merckmanuals.com