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bright; luminous; clear; unclouded.


contraction of disparaging term "shiny arses", originating during world war two, to describe a desk worker.https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=maduqlrkw4yc&pg=pa1717

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  • another project involves bls data from the quarterly census of employment and wages. there is so much data each quarter, down to the county level. she is developing an r shiny app that will graph these data and allow users to do quick searches. i got to see a quick demo — impressive work after only 2 months on the job. bls.gov

  • collecting intelligence these days is at times less a matter of stealing through dark alleys in a foreign land to meet some secret agent than one of surfing the internet under the fluorescent lights of an office cubicle to find some open source. the world is changing with the advance of commerce and technology. mouse clicks and online dictionaries today often prove more useful than stylish cloaks and shiny daggers in gathering intelligence required to help analysts and officials understand the world. combined with stolen secrets, diplomatic reports, and technical collection, open sources constitute what one former deputy director of intelligence termed the "intricate mosaic" of intelligence.1 cia.gov

  • that mirror-shiny hair being whipped around in tv commercials doesn't just sell shampoo, it's a signal of hair health. "if your hair is shiny, it means that the hair cuticle is lying flat, which allows the hair to reflect light," says marc mena, a hairstylist at warren tricomi salon in new york city. when hair is damaged, mena explains, the cuticle is damaged — either roughened or chipped away — and won't reflect light, so hair looks dull. everydayhealth.com

  • it was explained that metals are good conductors of electricity and heat, have high malleability (bendability), high ductility (can be made into wires), and are shiny. what we never explained was why metals exhibit these properties. as it turns out, the properties of metals stem from the nature of metallic bonds. factmonster.com

  • there are lots of shiny objects. i will be honest with you, there is some really cool stuff happening. every time one comes up, i’m like, oh, we should do that. as soon as we do that, the last shiny object that came up is now being neglected. we have to be really, really conscious of how many things we are actually accepting on our plate and just be okay with saying i would love to, but i can’t right now. hhs.gov

  • basal cell carcinoma usually appears as a small, shiny, fleshy nodule on the exposed parts of the body. it grows slowly and rarely spreads to other parts of the body; but it can severely damage skin around and below it. when diagnosed and treated early, it has a high cure rate. infoplease.com

  • for permanent teeth, if a sharp surface or shiny surface is apparent, there's a chance that part of the root is still in the socket, and reimplantation becomes less successful. if reimplantation doesn't occur within two hours after the tooth is knocked out — sooner is better — the likelihood of success becomes poor. so it's vital to get emergency dental care. mayoclinic.org

  • the affected joint lining tissue (synovium) is examined in the pathology department using microscopes. the tissue forms a characteristic reaction, called a granulomatous reaction, within the synovium (granulomatous synovitis). the microscopic thorn fragments are easily identified using a polarized light microscope as they appear brilliantly shiny (birefringent) to the examining pathologist. medicinenet.com

  • you may be less able to tolerate glare. for example, glare from a shiny floor in a sunlit room can make it difficult to get around indoors. you may have trouble adapting to darkness or bright light. problems with glare, brightness, and darkness may make you give up driving at night. medlineplus.gov

  • add to these inherent shortcomings the public scrutiny of conflicts of interest among investigators, journal reviewers, editors, and pharmaceutical advisory boards (which guide the design and analysis of the trials), and you have a toxic combination of factors pointing to the conclusion that our "gold standard" may not be so shiny. medpagetoday.com

  • most commonly, the carcinoma begins as a shiny papule, enlarges slowly, and, after a few months or years, shows a shiny, pearly border with prominent engorged vessels (telangiectases) on the surface and a central dell or ulcer. recurrent crusting or bleeding is not unusual. commonly, the carcinomas may alternately crust and heal, which may unjustifiably decrease patients' and physicians' concern about the importance of the lesion. merckmanuals.com