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Slav \Slav\ (sl[aum]v or sl[a^]v), n.; pl. Slavs. [A word originally meaning, intelligible, and used to contrast the people so called with foreigners who spoke languages unintelligible to the Slavs; akin to OSlav. slovo a word, slava fame, Skr. [,c]ru to hear. Cf. Loud.] (Ethnol.)

One of a race of people occupying a large part of Eastern and Northern Europe, including the Russians, Bulgarians, Roumanians, Servo-Croats, Slovenes, Poles, Czechs, Wends or

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  • The Balkans area, including Greece and Bulgaria, has always been difficult for Moscow’s attempt to impose its categories. It contains plenty of Slavophile traditions (different Slav languages, some in Cyrillic, and various Orthodox traditions). telegraph.co.uk