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Socialism \So"cial*ism\, n. [Cf. F. socialisme.]

A theory or system of social reform which contemplates a complete reconstruction of society, with a more just and equitable distribution of property and labor. In popular usage, the term is often employed to indicate any lawless, revolutionary social scheme. See Communism, Fourierism, Saint-Simonianism, forms of socialism.

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FabianismMarxian socialismMarxismNazismSaintSimonismcentralismcollective farmcollective ownershipcollectivismcollectivitycollegialitycommon ownershipcommunal effortcommunioncommunismcommunityconstitutionalismcooperationcooperative societydemocracydemocratismfascismfederalismfeudalismfeudalitygovernmentalismguild socialismimperialismkibbutzkolkhozmonarchismnational socialismnationalizationneofascismparliamentarianismparliamentarismphalansterismpluralismpolitical principlesprofit sharingpublic ownershiprepublicanismroyalismsharecroppingstate ownershipstate socialismstatismtown meetingutopian socialism

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  • "Under the guise of Medicare for All and a Green New Deal, Democrats are embracing the same tired economic theories that have impoverished nations and stifled the liberties of millions over the last century. That system is  socialism," he said.  telegraph.co.uk

  • A Soviet defector, Yuri Maltsev, broadened the attack on the Democrats by warning the dangers of democratic socialism. The Republican party, he said, is all that stands between freedom and communist “slavery”. theguardian.com

  • A less common assessment of Breivik’s motives, at 5%, fought back against that classification. These bloggers argued he was not a true Christian or conservative and instead was a follower of another ideology such as socialism. journalism.org

  • Alexander II: The People's Will - Revolutionary terrorist cell The People's Will is determined to assassinate the Tsar. But in the struggle between autocracy and socialism, there can be only one winner. Starring Joseph Millson as Alexander. telegraph.co.uk

  • Bolivarian revolutionary socialism has not worked in Venezuela. There is no point in trying it here. It is One Nation Conservatism that understands the symmetry between strong and successful state provision, and a free market economy.  telegraph.co.uk

  • Briscoe also foresaw strife in Bolivia if the ultra-conservative activist Luis Fernando Camacho reached the second-round of fresh presidential elections and faced a candidate from Evo Morales’s leftist Movement Towards Socialism. theguardian.com

  • But even as roughly half of voters appear to be skeptical of a “socialist” candidate, the country’s definition of socialism has evolved towards a concept of equality, calling into question whether it is still an effective scare word. theguardian.com

  • But he never blinded himself, like some on the Left, to the difference between Democratic Socialism and Communism. In 1946 a visit under Bevin's auspices to Tehran and Azerbaijan left him convinced of Stalin's imperialist aims. telegraph.co.uk

  • But he never blinded himself, like some on the Left, to the difference between Democratic Socialism and Communism. In 1946 a visit under Bevin's auspices to Tehran and Azerbaijan left him convinced of Stalin's imperialist aims. telegraph.co.uk

  • But shared wealth, worker ownership of business, etc., is not tantamount to communism nor socialism. It simply implies that some folks will not be as rich as they would like to be, which is the problem (for those people). theguardian.com

  • Characterising the election contest as a battle between "retrograde destructive socialism" under Labour and "sensible one nation Conservatism", the Conservatives “cheered, not sneered” at people who got up at the crack of dawn to run their own businesses.  telegraph.co.uk

  • Graham infuriated militant union bosses when he used his Co-Op platform to declare that “using trade union strength to grab as much as possible is not socialism but selfishness”. Profit, he insisted to their fury, was “not a dirty word”. telegraph.co.uk

  • However, a century later, we see that they anticipated late twentieth-century understanding on the importance of nationalism as a social force and the parameters of socialism in political theory and praxis. telegraph.co.uk

  • Ms Long Bailey officially announced her candidacy in Tribune magazine on Monday night. She said: "We need a proud socialist to lead the Labour Party, driven by their principles and an unwavering determination to see democratic socialism in our lifetime. telegraph.co.uk

  • Older Tory voters might sigh wearily at this, and ask if we really have to win this argument against socialism all over again. Yes we do. As David Cameron said, every generation must fight and win that battle. Get used to it. telegraph.co.uk

  • On Friday, Labour MPs from the campaign group Love Socialism Hate Brexit criticised the deal. They said some of the seats involved were held by ardently remain-supporting Labour MPs, including Ben Bradshaw and Neil Coyle. theguardian.com

  • So what exactly is David Lammy saying here. Appease what? The group’s introductory video claims to fight for free markets, and against “socialism, racism, nativism, identity politics, collectivism, the alt left and alt right”. telegraph.co.uk