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an act that is stupid.

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  • again, the media and entertainment play off this irrational fear of zombies and they become rich, filthy rich off the stupidity of misguided and deluded people. don’t get me wrong, i love a good zombie movie. the walking dead is a fantastic series. dawn of the dead, zombieland…great movies. but that is where it ends. they are movies, and any person that cannot understand the difference needs to have all entertainment stripped from their lives, as they are not mature enough to handle them. cdc.gov

  • macintyre contends little is known about what exactly angleton told philby during their martini-filled lunches because angleton destroyed memos he supposedly dictated right after the sessions. it is hard to believe angleton would give away the store to philby because he was drunk and then return sober enough to dictate a comprehensive memo detailing his possible violation of the need-to-know principle—in itself an act of astounding stupidity. cia.gov

  • such is exactly the case with lexapro. the original two isomer containing drug was called celexa, generically known as citalopram. and it was a hugely popular product. but when it came time for it to go off patent, forest reformulated, creating a new product with just the active isomer and called it lexapro, generically known as escitalopram. the generic name tells it all: lexapro is the "s-isomer" of citalopram, aka escitalopram! of course, lexapro had its own patent protection and cost way more than the generic versions of celexa that were marketed as soon as its patent expired. as i said earlier, we're talking about corporate shenanigans, not corporate stupidity! everydayhealth.com

  • because the thing you're comparing is part of a group, you have to differentiate it from the group by using the word other or else before you can set it apart in a comparison. therefore, to avoid adding to the world's existing stock of stupidity, when you compare one item in a group with the rest of the group, be sure to include the word other or else. then, your comparison will make sense. factmonster.com

  • ms. greenberg: to show my complete stupidity or at least elucidate something for me and that yesterday when we were in a different meeting — we have been meeting continuously for about four days here — i asked you, stan, about the vocabulary that you used in the intermountain system and the relationship with snomed, et cetera, and you said that you had sort of a local vocabulary, i guess, that you had built, but that it all mapped to snomed. something like that, right? hhs.gov

  • equality of political power has thus been bestowed upon the lowest elements of our population. we must not be surprised, therefore, at the spectacle of political scandal and graft, of the notorious and universally ridiculed low level of intelligence and flagrant stupidity exhibited by our legislative bodies. the congressional record mirrors our political imbecility. infoplease.com

  • "for example, people who plan to practice safe sex often fail to do so when caught up in the act, and people who, in dispassionate moments, recognize the stupidity of road rage nevertheless regularly succumb to it. unfortunately, pre-commitment strategies are more feasible when it comes to diet than to many other 'hot' behaviors," loewenstein noted. medicinenet.com

  • in a video interview that surfaced last month, jonathan gruber, a professor in the department of economics at the massachusetts institute of technology, in cambridge, said that the aca's lack of transparency was an advantage because of the "stupidity of the american voter." the interview, recorded in october 2013, was brought to light by several media outlets. medpagetoday.com

  • for some reason, this last section was when my composure started to get the best of me. i started to notice more of when i wasn’t sure of an answer.  and to my stupidity, i started to tally how many questions i was making “guesses” on. my advice to you: don’t do this. by the end of the exam i was feeling both relief and the onset of anxiety. i felt like i was guessing on the whole exam (which i knew deep down wasn’t the case). i felt that, surely, i didn’t pass. the anxiety continued to grow as i left the testing center and got in the car to drive home. i kept trying to reassure myself that i did all the prep i could, and the self-assessments predicted i would pass. but i still felt like it went terribly. merckmanuals.com