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, the site of an ancient monastery.

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  • a fine forming wind from the s. e at about 11 oclock the wind shifted, to the n. w. we prepare all things ready to speak to the indians, mr. tabo & mr. gravolin came to brackfast with us the chiefs &. came from the lower town, but none from the 2 upper towns, which is the largest, we continue to delay & waite for them at 12 oclock dispatchd gravelin to envite them to come down, we have every reason to believe that a jellousy exists between the villages for fear of our makeing the 1st cheif from the lower village, at one oclock the cheifs all assembled & after some little cerrimony the council commenced, we informd them what we had told the others before i e ottoes & seaux. made 3 cheif 1 for each village. gave them presents. infoplease.com