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en given name, a rare nonstandard spelling of tamara.

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  • wednesday, april 11, 2012 — fans of the real housewives of orange county were surprised last month when star tamra barney announced that she wanted to have her breast implants removed. after all, the women on bravo’s housewives series are known for having work done, not undone. but, as is often the case with reality tv, there was more to the story than the camera caught on film. everydayhealth.com

  • meet our new student from great britain db73243 0 hours 43 minutes by tamra orr read by theresa conkin students explore the history of great britain because a new boy from the uk will be joining their class. discusses the climate, resources, and traditions of scotland, england, and wales. includes a recipe for welsh rarebit and instructions for making a flag. for grades 3-6. 2009. loc.gov