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en given name.


a person whose occupation is to tan hides, or convert them into leather by the use of tan.

a former british coin, worth six old pence

a type of commercially-fished crab, chionoecetes bairdi or chionoecetes opilio.

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  • 12. china quarterly 171 (september 2002) special issue includes essays covering the entirety of china’s think tank landscape, including those belonging to the military and intelligence apparatus. the relevant articles were authored by leading analysts of china’s national security and foreign policymaking: bates gill, bonnie glaser, james mulvenon, phillip saunders, david shambaugh, and murray scot tanner. see, also, michael swaine, the role of the chinese military in national security policymaking (santa monica, ca: rand, 1998); tai ming cheung, “the impact of research institutes in the post-mao period on peking’s foreign policy-making” in issues and studies 23, no. 7 (july 1987), 81–101; david shambaugh, “china’s national security research bureaucracy” in the china quarterly 110 (june 1987), 276–304. cia.gov

  • a little more than a decade later, tanner is turning these wishes into reality. his family still has griffy, their golden retriever (that wish was easy to grant, say his parents). tanner plays hoops for clemson university — and his friends and family believe he could go pro one day. and tanner’s totes, the non-profit organization that tanner started with his family at age 12, delivers gifts to young, hospitalized patients across the nation, helping brighten their day — and possibly even improve their recovery. everydayhealth.com

  • the illegitimate son of robert i, duke of normandy, and arletta, daughter of a tanner, he is sometimes called william the bastard. he succeeded to the dukedom on his father's death in 1035. william and his guardians were hard pressed to keep down recurrent rebellions during his minority, and at least once the young duke barely escaped death. factmonster.com

  • in a united kingdom study of older people's experiences of care transitions, people with mild or moderate dementia served as co-researchers; they participated in planning the research methods, conducting interviews, and interpreting the findings (littlefield, tanner & hall, 2015; tanner, 2012). people with dementia who served as co-researchers had a collaborative role in this study; notably, other people with dementia served as study participants. hhs.gov

  • edward iv. was hunting in drayton basset when a tanner met him. the king asked him several questions, and the tanner, taking him for a highway robber, was very chary. at last they swopped horses, the tanner gave the king his gentle mare brocke, which cost 4s., and the king gave the tanner his hunter, which soon threw him. upon this the tanner paid dearly for changing back again. edward now blew his horn, and when his courtiers came up in obedience to the summons, the tanner, in great alarm, cried out, “i hope i shall be hanged tomorrow” (i.e. i expect), but the king gave him the manor of plumpton park, with 300 marks a year. (percy reliques, etc.) infoplease.com

  • rescue team: grace medical db76933 11 hours 44 minutes by candace calvert read by carol dines after the previous supervisor disappeared, kate callison was made acting director of grace medical’s chaotic austin, texas, emergency room. overwhelmed with her job duties and struggling with her faith, kate develops a relationship with handsome rescue volunteer wes tanner. sequel to trauma plan (db75514). 2013. loc.gov

  • after they arrived at mayo clinic and tanner went through a series of appointments and tests, including blood tests, a positron emission tomography scan and an mri, tanner and his parents learned he had a brain tumor the size of his fist. dr. burns explained to the family that tanner would require surgery. mayoclinic.org

  • the tanner scale (also known as the tanner stages or sexual maturity rating (smr)) is a scale of physical development in children, adolescents, and adults. the scale defines physical measurements of development based on external primary and secondary sex characteristics, such as the size of the breasts, genitals, testicular volume, and development of pubic hair. medicinenet.com

  • because the onset of puberty varies so widely -- as early as age 9 for some -- suppression can begin at different ages. and that's prompted some disagreement within the field -- the "age versus stage" debate -- about when to begin, according to leibowitz. most often blockers are initiated at the first visible signs of development as measured by the tanner stages, a scale of sexual maturation developed by pediatrician james tanner. the trigger for suppression is usually tanner stage 2, when pubic hair and breast buds appear. medpagetoday.com

  • in most girls, breast budding is the first visible sign of sexual maturation, followed closely by the initiation of the growth spurt. shortly thereafter, pubic and axillary hair appears. menarche generally occurs about 2 years after onset of breast development and when growth in height slows after reaching its peak. menarche occurs within a wide range, with most girls in the us starting their periods at 12 or 13 years (see figure: puberty—when female characteristics develop). the stages of breast growth (see figure: diagrammatic representation of tanner stages i to v of breast maturation in girls) and pubic hair development (see figure: diagrammatic representation of tanner stages i to v for development of pubic hair in girls) can be detailed using the tanner method. merckmanuals.com