waft Definitions


a flag used to indicate wind direction or, with a knot tied in the center, as a signal; a waif, a wheft.


to give notice to by waving something; to wave the hand to; to beckon.

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  • 9. research anthrax is very different from naturally occurring anthrax. “natural anthrax, on hides, is usually at a lower concentration and tends to be clumped,” says morse. “it's therefore less likely to be inhaled readily and doesn’t usually waft into the air, and exposures usually involve lower doses,” he explains. processed anthrax spore preparations could more easily get into the air: they're also odorless and colorless, so they're hard to detect. everydayhealth.com

  • when they came to the great pasture, other lights were already flitting to and fro like will-o'-the-wisps, and mr. bhaer's voice was heard shouting, "nan! rob! rob! nan!" in every part of the field. silas whistled and roared, dan plunged here and there on toby, who seemed to understand the case, and went over the roughest places with unusual docility. often mrs. jo hushed them all, saying, with a sob in her throat, "the noise may frighten them, let me call; robby will know my voice;" and then she would cry out the beloved little name in every tone of tenderness, till the very echoes whispered it softly, and the winds seemed to waft it willingly; but still no answer came. infoplease.com

  • according to the environmental protection agency, the tiny mold spores waft through the air and land on inviting damp spots. the spores then get blown up into ventilation systems and are distributed around the house. the only way to get rid of the mold permanently is to get rid of the moisture. medicinenet.com

  • immediately after putting three pods in his mouth, he could feel a slight burning sensation waft up into his nose. huddled over the sink, jr was prepared to spit out the detergent as soon as he started biting, but as he chewed down on the pods, piercing into the vinyl plastic, laundry detergent poured into his mouth. medpagetoday.com