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alert and aware of what is going on, especially in social justice contexts. well-informed.



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  • secondary childcare. secondary childcare is care for children under age 13 that is done while doing something else as a primary activity, such as cooking dinner. secondary childcare estimates are derived by summing the durations of activities during which respondents had at least one child under age 13 in their care while doing other things. the time individuals spend providing secondary childcare to household children is further restricted to the time between when the first household child under age 13 woke up and when the last household child under 13 went to bed. it is also restricted to times the respondent was awake. if respondents report providing both primary and secondary care at the same time, the time is attributed to primary care only. bls.gov

  • up front, i’d like to thank dean rhodes for his kind words, and for reminding me of our days together in graduate school at princeton. having been enrolled in doctoral programs at the same time, i can’t exactly claim that we were a couple of pub-crawlers—especially after ed’s reference to cat-napping in the library. i was probably doing the same thing, and actually woke him up with my elbow! but i do concur with his observation that we’ve aged a bit better than some of our classmates—at least he has! cia.gov

  • i literally woke up the entire house with these pills. took 2 around 6pm. woke up at about midnight thinking i was dying. ran to the bathroom several times with forceful diarrhea . the sound of diarrhea and me cringing woke everyone up. wanted to call an ambulance but my bf talked me out of it. next morning i felt exhausted and everything went right through me. it does the job alright but at what cost. everydayhealth.com

  • only once did hestia come close to losing her virginity. one night at a rustic feast, the gods ate and drank too much and fell asleep or passed out. priapus, an incredibly ugly man possessed of grossly elephantine genitals, prepared to mount her. but just as he lowered himself on top of her, a braying ass woke hestia up. the goddess screamed and priapus skittered away like a scared rabbit. factmonster.com

  • i’d just like to tell you why i find myhealthevet so important is because i’m a vietnam veteran, and i can remember back when i was standing on an aircraft carrier, and the next thing i knew, i was in the portsmouth naval hospital. i woke up in an intensive care unit – hhs.gov

  • "i was in the bath and talking to my mum when the phone rang and dad came in and told me i'd got the part. i was so happy, i cried a lot! that night i woke up at two in the morning and woke up mum and dad and asked them, 'is it real? am i dreaming?'" infoplease.com

  • "it was really scary, especially when thomas woke up from surgery," carissa explains. "he was crying and swollen, and it was really hard." with their second son, the process was less jarring. "after conrad's surgery, he was calm. the nurses were holding him and soothing him in their arms, which was sweet," carissa says. "he wasn't nearly as swollen as thomas. he wasn't crying or upset when he woke up. he just had a completely different healing process." mayoclinic.org

  • i woke up early in the morning and had stomach pain. i woke up two hours later and the food poisoning symptoms were still the same. i took 2 tums and went back to sleep. one more hour later i was still aching, this time it was extremely painful and felt nauseous. i couldn't walk and had diarrhea. medicinenet.com

  • my diagnosis was a little different than many people with alopecia. my first diagnosis came when i was in third grade. i woke up one morning with a small bald spot on my head. my parents were understandably worried and quickly took me to the dermatologist. soon after, i was diagnosed with alopecia. medlineplus.gov

  • and it was the incident in dallas with the dallas police shooting that occurred in july of 2016, which was that seminal moment which really kind of woke me up to the intersection of racism and gun violence and healthcare in this country and also where i fit into that narrative. medpagetoday.com

  • last july while helping with the orientation clerkship for third year students, i experienced two first time seizures. i don’t remember much from the day, but i do remember the confusion i felt when i woke up in the hospital’s emergency department, a mere five minute walk from the classrooms in which i spent so […] merckmanuals.com

  • a: it’s a little bit of an embarrassing story. i slept through a very important phone call and finally woke up when a reporter called me. i was just coming out of a deep sleep, and the reporter was asking, “what do you think about the nobel?” and i said, “i don’t know anything about it. who won it?” i thought they were asking for comments on somebody else who won it. and she said, “oh my gosh! you don’t know! you won it!” nih.gov