xanadu Definitions


the summer capital of kublai khan's empire


an opulent building or resort that provides entertainment or luxurious living.

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: pleasure palacepleasure palace: heavenparadiseheaven

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  • from these and from other like sources coleridge's mind was no doubt stored with suggestions of tropical wonder and loveliness, which fell together-if his own account of the making of the poem is to be relied on-into the kaleidoscopic beauty of "kubla khan." it is not unlikely, too (cf. ll. 12-13), that the ash-tree dell at stowey, which he had already used for a scene of supernatural terror in "osorio," bears some part in his avowed dream of xanadu. infoplease.com

  • the answer from the challenged reader was pre-reagan america as the xanadu we all miss, before public works and other government-funded services were dismantled and deregulated. this physician reader cautioned everyone to take a longer view of history and recognize the "true costs of treating every, single transaction as some fanciful discrete and unrelated monad, so that paying the lowest price on any and every piece of merchandise is [not] always the best, self-interested move." medpagetoday.com