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en given name of modern usage, a short form of alexandra.

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  • long live the queen db77645 10 hours 21 minutes by kate locke read by moira quirk after the events of the queen is dead (db 77393), xandra vardan meets with queen victoria, a vampire. victoria wants assurance that xandra and her forces will support the vampires against a human insurrection, but xandra is more worried about a teenaged girl turned into a killing machine. unrated. commercial audiobook. 2013. loc.gov

  • in findings reported in the nov. 16 issue of nature cell biology, xandra breakefield of massachusetts general hospital, and her team, led by johan skog, report that glioblastoma cells secrete small membrane-enclosed sacs called microvesicles. filled with proteins and genetic material, these vesicles are picked up by neighboring cells in the brain, where they apparently induce them to alter their gene expression program to suit the needs of the tumor. specifically, these cells can be coaxed into forming new blood vessels to supply nutrients to the growing cancer mass. medicinenet.com