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diagnosis of an infectious disease (especially of trypanosomiasis) by exposure to a vector of that disease, incubating the vector and examining it for the presence of the disease

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  • xenodiagnosis seems preferable for b. burgdorferi to isolate infectious transmission (marques et al., 2014). this has been acknowledged by monica k. embers, phd, emir hodzic, dvm, msci, phd, and linden hu, md and others in the research community. xenodiagnosis is an important means to assess tick transmission potential for any suspected tick-borne infectious agent. hhs.gov

  • polymerase chain reaction (pcr)–based tests are used when the level of parasitemia is likely to be high, as occurs in acute chagas disease, in transplacentally transmitted (congenital) chagas disease, or after transmission via blood transfusion, transplantation, or laboratory exposure. in endemic areas, xenodiagnosis has been used; it involves examining the intestinal contents of triatominae bugs raised in a laboratory after they took a blood meal from a person thought to have chagas disease. merckmanuals.com