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derived from a different species and therefore genetically and immunologically incompatible

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  • kamboj disclosed no relevant relationships with industry. co-authors disclosed support from lippincott, foundation medicine, bristol-myers squibb, merck, aduro, array biopharma, novartis, incyte, newlink genetics, adaptive biotech, advaxis, amgen, apricity, array biopharma, ascentage pharma, astellas, bayer, beigene, celgene, chugai, elucida, eli lilly, f star, genentech, janssen, kleo pharma, linnaeus, medimmune, neon therapeutics, ono pharmaceuticals, polaris pharma, polynoma, psioxus, puretech, recepta, sellas life, serametrix, surface oncology, syndax and esanex. one co-author disclosed a patent xenogeneic dna vaccines with royalties paid to merial, and several other patents. medpagetoday.com

  • for xenogeneic serum skin testing, patients who are not atopic and who have not previously received xenogeneic (eg, horse) serum should first be given a prick test with a 1:10 dilution; if this test is negative, 0.02 ml of a 1:1000 dilution is injected intradermally. a wheal > 0.5 cm in diameter develops within 15 minutes in sensitive patients. initially, for all patients who may have previously received serum—whether or not they reacted—and for those with a suspected allergic history, a prick test should be done using a 1:1000 dilution; if results are negative, 1:100 is used, and if results are again negative, 1:10 is used as above. a negative result rules out the possibility of anaphylaxis but does not predict incidence of subsequent serum sickness. merckmanuals.com